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Protypo Greek Centre Ltd

Protypo Greek Centre began in 1981 and is centrally located at Oakleigh Primary School. We have a current enrolment of over 600 children, with classes from Babies and Toddlers through to VCE. The school population is predominantly third and fourth generation from diverse backgrounds. Our name “Πρότυπο” means archetype, exemplary standard! In Greek – «αυτό που χρησιμεύει σαν υπόδειγμα, που το ακολουθούν άλλοι, το παράδειγμα που θέλει κάποιος να μιμηθεί»

Protypo Greek Centre’s purpose is to enable all our students to acquire proficiency and literacy skills in Greek as a second language and contribute to a Greek bilingual, bicultural community in a prosperous and sustainable multicultural society. Protypo offers a dynamic Greek Language program incorporating the Victorian Curriculum Standards.

If you are looking for a Greek school that stands alone in quality, innovation and dynamic change, then you have come to the right place. Our name “Protypo” drives us to re-invent and adapt programs and curriculum to keep each generation’s learners engaged and passionate about learning Greek.

Welcome to our connected dynamic Protypo Greek Centre!



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20 Warrigal Rd, Oakleigh VIC 3166
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