Reform Agenda Launches ahead of Tasmanian Parliament’s Return

On Monday at 10:30am, Independent MLC Meg Webb will join Australia Institute Tasmania Director Eloise Carr to launch a discussion paper calling on Tasmania’s 51st Parliament to fortify the state’s democracy in Democracy Agenda for the 51st Tasmanian Parliament.

The report is the result of extensive consultation by the Australia Institute Tasmania, which hosted a public forum and a roundtable for parliamentarians and candidates to discuss
democratic reform ahead of the Tasmanian election.

Key Priorities:

  • Strengthening donations disclosure requirements
  • Introducing truth in political advertising laws
  • Reforms to grants administration for funding commitments during election campaigns (“pork barrelling”)
  • A Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters
  • Fixed four year terms for the House of Assembly
  • A new, appropriately funded, independent anti-corruption commission that is fit for purpose and holds public hearings is urgently needed
  • Right to Information reforms

“Many current Members of Parliament committed to strengthening integrity in politics during the recent election and the 51st Parliament provides a golden opportunity to follow
through on this,” said Eloise Carr, Director of the Australia Institute Tasmania.

“Democracy should never be taken for granted, and fortifying Tasmania’s democratic institutions is the responsibility of all Parliamentarians.

“Tasmania lags behind other jurisdictions when it comes to key accountability and transparency mechanisms that ensure good government, including on political donations and protections against corruption.

“Tasmanians have elected a power sharing parliament, which history shows can be among the most productive in instituting democratic and parliamentary reform.”

“The Australia Institute Tasmania looks forward to working with parliamentarians of both houses to advance these important democratic reforms.”

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