PRESS RELEASE: Community Health Support (CHS) NSW empowers volunteer first responders with portable life-saving defibrillators

In a concerted effort to enhance emergency medical response within the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Community Health Support (CHS) NSW, an emergency medical response network, announces the deployment of CellAED®, equipping 50% of its volunteer first responders with this life-saving portable technology.
CHS NSW provides first aid and CPR training, alongside its 24/7 hotline. Staffed by a network of medical professionals and advanced first responders, CHS NSW bolsters the local community’s confidence in handling medical emergencies.
“The affordability and compact size of the CellAED device were pivotal factors in our decision to purchase 30 units for our first responders,” states Jesse Lenn, Co-Founder of CHS NSW.
“The portability ensures our volunteers can carry the defibrillator with ease in their first aid kits, ready for deployment at a moment’s notice.”
Calling upon their community to join their ranks, Lenn emphasises, “our volunteers embody a passion for healthcare and a commitment to positively impact our community’s well-being.”
“The simplicity and size of the CellAED device are unparalleled,” underscores Lynne Berson, Volunteer Coordinator at CHS NSW. “Our volunteers, spanning various backgrounds, share a common dedication to serving our community in times of need.”
Over recent months, CHS NSW volunteers have swiftly responded to diverse emergencies, leveraging their training and CellAED devices procured via authorised reseller Defibsplus.
Louise Dawson, CEO of Defibsplus Australia and New Zealand, champions this initiative, stating, “CellAED represents a groundbreaking advancement in personal defibrillation, reaffirming our commitment to saving lives and empowering communities.”
Together with CellAED, CHS NSW and Defibsplus are helping to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest by equipping more people with life-saving AEDs, offering peace of mind and creating safer communities.
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