Ammos Greek Tavern

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Ammos Greek Tavern

Ammos Greek Tavern: A Taste of the Aegean in Sandringham


Step into Ammos Greek Tavern in Sandringham and prepare to be transported to a seaside taverna on the Greek islands. Friendly service and a warm ambience welcome you, setting the stage for a feast of authentic Greek flavors.


A Meze Odyssey:


Dive into an abundant menu brimming with culinary delights. Start your journey with an array of dips and meze – small plates perfect for sharing and sampling a symphony of tastes. Indulge in oven-baked moussaka, a classic Greek casserole layered with rich béchamel sauce and savory meat.


From the Sea to Your Plate:


Ammos takes pride in its fresh seafood. Picture glistening plates adorned with chargrilled or fried fish, each bite bursting with the essence of the Aegean. For the indecisive, dive into a mix grill plate, offering a delectable sampling of meats cooked to perfection.


Beyond the Savory:


No Greek meal is complete without a sweet ending. Ammos offers a delightful selection of traditional desserts, including flaky baklava and melt-in-your-mouth loukoumades (Greek donuts).


Generosity and Friendliness:


Just like a real Greek taverna, Ammos embraces the spirit of sharing. Generous serves ensure there's plenty for everyone, making it an ideal spot for a gathering with friends or family.


More Than Just a Restaurant:


Ammos is an experience that goes beyond the food. The warm ambience, friendly service, and mouthwatering dishes transport you straight to the heart of Greece. So come hungry, come ready to share, and discover your new favorite spot for an authentic taste of the Aegean in Sandringham.



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66 Station St, Sandringham VIC 3191
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