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Ilios: Where Good Times and Greek Feasts Collide


Forget quiet evenings – Ilios is a taverna dedicated to full-on Greek fun! This lively spot is always buzzing with energy, and finding an empty seat can be a feat (a testament to its popularity!).


A Feast for the Senses:


The menu at Ilios is a glorious celebration of Greek cuisine. It's a sprawling collection of all your favorites, ensuring something for every palate. Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Look no further than the banquet option – it's a guaranteed way to experience the full spectrum of Ilios' culinary delights. Portions are generous, so be warned – this feast is fit for the hungriest warriors.


A Culinary Adventure Awaits:


Just a friendly tip: resist the urge to devour all the freshly baked bread (as tempting as it may be!). Save room for the grand finale – Ilios' signature loukoumades (melt-in-your-mouth donuts) and their heavenly halva ice cream. This combination is a dessert masterpiece, a true "chef's kiss" moment.


Embrace the Buzz:


Ilios isn't the place for a hushed conversation. It's a place to embrace the energy, raise your voice with laughter and toasts, and experience the joy of a lively Greek atmosphere. So come hungry, come ready to celebrate, and prepare to discover a taste of Greece that's anything but ordinary.



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735 Heidelberg Rd, Alphington VIC 3078
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