5 Facts About Using Public Restrooms and A Solution To Avoid Them

Love`Trine Adult and Child size portable toilets

Safe Lightweight and Reliable Love`Trine

Love`Trine Adult and Child size portable toilets

The most critical concern with being outdoors is alleviated with a new lightweight, portable, and ergonomically designed Toilet called Love`Trine

Planning Playdates, Beach Days, Camping, Fishing, Festivals, Backyard Parties, and more are now complete with Love`Trine”

— Tiffany Love

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / — Public restrooms have long been a source of discomfort and disgust for many people. From unsanitary conditions to inadequate maintenance, using a public restroom can often be an unpleasant experience. However, a mother and son duo have come up with a solution to this problem – a lightweight portable toilet made from drop-stitch fabric. The product, aptly named “Love`Trine,” is set to launch on Kickstarter on May 16, 2024, with the aim of taking their innovative product global.

The idea for “Love`Trine came to the mother Tiffany, after viewing a vehicle carrying a large toilet on its roof. Years later Tiffany and her son Chauncey realized that there was a need for a portable and hygienic toilet that could be easily carried and used outdoors. After months of research and development, they came up with a lightweight and durable toilet made from drop-stitch fabric, which is commonly used in inflatable paddleboards.

As the Kickstarter campaign for “Love`Trine approaches, here are five reasons why having a personal toilet when outdoors is essential:

1. Don't touch the soap – With “Love`Trine,” there's no need to worry about using the soap in a public restroom that may be contaminated with germs.

2. Squatting makes it worse – Squatting over a public toilet can be uncomfortable and can even lead to accidents. Using Love`Trine, is a comfortable and hygienic experience.

3. Public restrooms aren't adequately maintained – Many public restrooms are not thoroughly cleaned and maintained, making them a breeding ground for germs. Love`Trine offers a clean and sanitary toilet that can be taken nearly anywhere.

4. There's no need to use a public toilet anymore – Whether camping, hiking, or attending an outdoor event, “Love`Trine” becomes a personal toilet eliminating the need to use public restrooms.

5. Contain germs – "Love`Trine" comes with a detachable waste bag, ensuring that all waste is contained and disposed of properly, reducing the risk of spreading germs.

With their Kickstarter campaign, Tiffany and Chauncey hope to make "Love`Trine" accessible to people all over the world, providing a solution to the issue of gross public restrooms.Calendar May 16, 2024 as an end to dirty restrooms, and join the movement to make using public restrooms a thing of the past. For more information, visit their website at and follow them on social media @lovetrine.usa

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