Weekend Wear – 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Weekend Wardrobe Is Working

As a young girl, I aspired to grow up and be this super sharp, well put-together professional female. Of course I had multiple career dreams where I would wear these high-powered, sleek business suits. They would look just as hot as the career women on The Young & the Restless. I would get them from Spiegel Catalog or Neiman Marcus. And I would look highly sophisticated and important. I never anticipated having a job where I home office the majority of the time and the weekends would be my chance to take my dressing up a notch. But that is exactly what happened. Weekends are my time to get out and about, the same as most people.

Anything is possible on the weekend, so why wouldn’t you try to look the best you can just because you’re not headed to the boardroom or the club! There is nothing worse than a really bad weekend wardrobe, so here are three ways to make sure your weekend wear is working.

  1. Make the investment. Don’t opt for old, torn-up jeans and freebie tees. Even though most of us are looking forward to our days off, and it’s not a requirement that we wear stuffy business attire, why not be comfortable and current? Summertime gives you the opportunity to wear breezy summer dresses and cute little sandals. Winter is the time to wear form-flattering sweaters and jeans that hug in all the right places. It’s worth the money to feel and look good.
  2. Make the effort. Anything is possible over the weekend. You can see anyone and end up doing any number of things. When you’re out shopping and lunching with your girls at some hot little spot, you’re most likely to run into other people you know who want to be at that same hot lunch spot. So don’t get caught out there slipping. Maybe your makeup is just lipgloss and mascara. Perhaps your hair isn’t as coiffed as it is Monday through Friday. But you still look fresh and put together.
  3. Express your true self. Your weekends are your time. You don’t have to dress for some company or client. You can dress for yourself. When we feel good we look good. Don’t take that for granted. Have fun with your wardrobe and take opportunities to do things you wouldn’t do in your work place.

In a woman’s crazy world of work, fun, family and everything else, weekends are the highlight of the week. Make sure you greet them in style.

Article Source by Erin Braxton

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