Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a treatment taken up many people who want to improve their physical features. It is a very expensive and complex treatment and not everyone can afford it easily. Thanks to the continuous innovation in technology which has enabled the treatment of every defected area of the body through cosmetic surgery. Thus, there are different types of surgeries that comprise the vast term of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery cost depends upon the area under treatment, duration of treatment and fee of the hospital or doctor’s clinic.

Following are various forms of cosmetic surgery:

Facial Surgery:

Facial surgery involves removing excess fat and skin from the chin, forehead, cheeks and eye lids. A popular component of facial surgery is the nose surgery which involves modifying the shape of the nose by enhancing and depressing its features. Ear pinning is another form which is performed to bring ears in shape and close to the body and the ugly bulging look is suppressed. Toning of facial features is also a part of facial surgery.

Breast Surgery:

Breast surgery is extremely popular form of surgery among the female class. Breast enlargement or augmentation increases the volume of thing the breast by using the technique of implantation. Breast reduction on the other hand is for shrinking the size of abnormally large breasts. Breast fit allows the toning and reshaping of the breast.


It is a form of surgery in which excess fat is removed from the areas of the body with high fat especially in the abdomen region. The procedure is a blessing for those who have been accumulating fat in their bodies and are unable to burn it anyhow.

Laser Therapy:

With the laser technology, excess hair from the body is removed and further growth is inhibited. In contrast, it also allows hair restoration thus, acting as a mode for hair transplantation. Laser therapy also prevents wrinkles from appearing on the skin and saves the skin from harmful effects of sun light.

Article Source by Ashley Atkinson

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