'Trauma is Expensive' Podcast Announces New Direction and Enhanced Platform for Sharing Stories of Adversity and Triumph

"Trauma is Expensive" invites diverse personal stories of trauma and healing, expanding its platform during the "These Fukken Feelings Podcast" hiatus.

Our listeners have shown us there is a real need for a platform where people can share their stories of trauma and healing.”

— – Micah Bravery, Executive Producer

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2024 / — Acclaimed Podcast "Trauma is Expensive" Announces New Direction and Enhanced Platform

The acclaimed podcast "Trauma is Expensive," known for its profound exploration of the impact of trauma, is excited to announce a new direction and an enhanced platform for sharing personal stories of adversity and triumph. This evolution will provide an even greater opportunity for guests to lead episodes and share their unique experiences.

A New Chapter for "Trauma is Expensive"

With the "These Fukken Feelings Podcast" currently on hiatus due to its recent official management changes, the focus is shifting to dive deeper into "Trauma is Expensive." This project aims to illuminate the true cost of trauma and the resilience required to overcome it. As "These Fukken Feelings Podcast" resumes in August, this interim period is being used to amplify voices from all walks of life through "Trauma is Expensive."

About "Trauma is Expensive"

"Trauma is Expensive" is more than just a podcast—it’s a platform where stories of personal struggle and victory are shared to foster understanding and healing. The mission is to create a space for shared learning through personal experiences, encouraging proactive engagement with the healing process. By providing a venue for diverse stories, it aims to demonstrate that no one is alone in their struggles and that healing is attainable.

Since its inception, "Trauma is Expensive" has garnered significant attention and praise. Currently, it ranks number 26 on Apple Podcasts and number 39 on Spotify in its category. These rankings reflect the podcast's growing influence and the profound impact it has on its listeners. The success of "Trauma is Expensive" is a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of addressing trauma in a compassionate and understanding manner.

Why This Change Matters

The goal is to broaden the scope of voices featured on "Trauma is Expensive." By inviting individuals to co-host and share their stories, the podcast aims to offer a richer tapestry of experiences for its audience. This diversity is crucial for listeners to understand the various facets of trauma and the different paths to recovery.

An Invitation to Share Your Story

The podcast is honored to invite people from all backgrounds to participate in "Trauma is Expensive." Whether one is a survivor of trauma, a mental health advocate, or someone with a story of resilience, their voice is vital. Episodes will be guest-led, allowing individuals to record in their own style and comfort. While the podcast remains non-monetized, it promises a significant and engaged audience of over 75,000 listeners who are actively seeking healing and understanding.

The Recording Process

High-quality audio recordings are ensured through Riverside.FM. Guests are asked to prepare a 30-60 minute audio segment focusing on their personal story of trauma, its impact, and their journey towards healing. This flexibility allows for authentic storytelling in a comfortable setting.

Next Steps

For more information or to schedule a recording session, interested individuals can contact the podcast at [email protected]. The team is eager to hear stories and believes that these experiences can provide the inspiration and support the audience needs.

About "These Fukken Feelings Podcast"

While "Trauma is Expensive" takes center stage during this period, the immense success of the flagship show, "These Fukken Feelings Podcast," cannot be overlooked. Known for its candid and heartfelt discussions on emotional health and mental well-being, "These Fukken Feelings Podcast" has achieved massive success, ranking number 9 on Spotify and number 4 on Apple Podcasts. This podcast has become a go-to resource for listeners seeking relatable, insightful, and supportive conversations about the complexities of mental health.

The Success of "Trauma is Expensive"

The success of "Trauma is Expensive" is built on the foundation laid by "These Fukken Feelings Podcast." As a top-ranked podcast, "These Fukken Feelings Podcast" has established a loyal and engaged audience. This audience's trust and enthusiasm have carried over to "Trauma is Expensive," allowing it to rise quickly in the podcast charts and become a crucial platform for discussing the cost of trauma and the paths to healing.

A Personal Note from Micah Bravery

Micah Bravery, the Executive Producer of both podcasts, shares a deep personal connection to the themes explored in "Trauma is Expensive." As a mental health advocate and a cancer survivor, Micah brings both professional expertise and personal insight to the discussions. His journey and dedication to mental health advocacy provide a compassionate and authentic foundation for the podcast.

"I am incredibly proud of the impact that 'Trauma is Expensive' has had so far," says Micah Bravery. "Our listeners have shown us that there is a real need for a platform where people can share their stories of trauma and healing. By opening up this space, we hope to continue offering support and inspiration to those who need it most."

Our Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, "Trauma is Expensive" aims to expand its reach and impact even further. By sharing a diverse range of stories, it hopes to foster a greater understanding of trauma and its effects while highlighting the resilience and strength of those who overcome it. The vision is to create a world where people feel empowered to confront their trauma, seek healing, and support others on their journeys.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Everyone is invited to be a part of this important conversation. Whether by sharing a story, listening to episodes, or spreading the word, involvement helps make a difference. Together, a community of understanding, support, and healing can be created.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Micah Bravery
Executive Producer, Trauma is Expensive Podcast
Email: [email protected]

We look forward to your participation in this important conversation and thank you for helping us spread the message that healing is possible through shared experiences.

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These Fukken Feelings Podcast
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