Thick Dead Skin on Feet

Calluses develop when there is too much pressure or friction against the skin. Our skin does this to protect itself from further injury. Examples of this include wearing shoes that are too tight or clothing, such as socks, that rub against our skin. Wearing high heels can also cause calluses, especially if you wear them without panty hose or any other type of footing.

Another culprit is walking barefoot. Think about it… what if you walk around on a rough surface such as pavement? What do you expect your skin to do when your feet are essentially rubbing on a rough surface? You’re going to get unsightly calluses.

Maybe your issue isn’t foot calluses but callus on hands? Or, do you have calluses on your knuckles? Many times, people get calluses on hands when they’re constantly writing – like when holding a pen for long periods of time (i.e. doing school work or if you are a writer and still use pen and paper) – or any activity that puts friction on your hands.

So, how do you treat calluses on fingers or hands? Ease up on your writing instrument. You may be holding it too hard. Next, hydrate your body. Water is essential but also use a cream to help heal your skin after you’ve exfoliated. Apply generously and often.

For foot calluses, soak your feet in warm water for about 10 – 15 minutes. This will help to soften thick calluses on your feet making it easier to remove. Once done soaking, take an exfoliator and gently rub the thick dead skin. If your calluses are especially thick, don’t expect to get everything off the first time. This is a gradual process so be patient. Dry your feet, moisturize and then put cotton socks on overnight. Repeat nightly until you notice an improvement. Then, maintain results by keeping up the regimen on a regular basis.

Further, I wouldn’t recommend cutting off calluses only because you could cause more injury. More injury means more calluses or scarring and you don’t need to add thicker skin on top of thick skin.

Take care of your feet (and hands) daily. Don’t skip skin care just like you wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth. It’s necessary to maintain good health and to feel good about the way you look. Vanity isn’t the goal here but feeling good and self confident is. Feeling good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside.

Article Source by Irena Domaradzki

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