The World after the West: Nasser Hadian on Iran

Iran plays a key role in the global order. The leadership in Tehran asserts Iran’s role in the Middle East through the backing of allied groups, most notably Hizbullah in Lebanon. Meanwhile, on the global stage, its nuclear program has positioned Iran as an adversary of the West, and as a result the country faces heavy economic sanctions.

In the second episode of the Re:Order series, Mark Leonard welcomes Nasser Hadian, professor of political science at the University of Tehran, where he served as the director of graduate studies, to delve into Iran’s geopolitical positioning. To what extent does Iran replicate its strategy of regional influence and deterrence on the world stage[PK2] ? How does Iran’s relationships with China and Russia affect the global order? How does Iranian participation in new institutions such as BRICS+ and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation shape both the organisations themselves and Iran’s foreign policy?

This podcast is part of Re:Order and was produced with support from Stiftung Mercator.

We encountered some technical difficulties during the recording process and apologize for the not optimal sound quality.


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Author: euro news

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