The World After the West: Ayşe Zarakol on Turkey

A growth in membership to organisations such as BRICS+, the New Development Bank, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation demonstrates the continued rise of ‘middle powers’ – countries which belong to neither the West nor the global south but play a significant role in the developing world order. This week, the World in 30 Minutes kicks off its new summer podcast series ‘RE:Order: The world after the West’, in which ECFR director Mark Leonard welcome various guests to discuss how middle power countries are using these institutions to advocate for their interests at the global level.

For the first episode in the RE:Order series, Mark Leonard welcomes Ayşe Zarakol, professor of international relations at the University of Cambridge and author of “Before the West: the Rise and Fall of Eastern World Order” (2022),  to discuss the framework of  global order beyond its Western conceptions. How do middle power institutions leverage their membership to develop an identity separate to the historically dominant blocs? What can non-Western institutions such as BRICS+ offer dissatisfied ‘middle’ countries? And how is Turkey using these in the context of a new global order?


Before the West: the Rise and Fall of Eastern World Order, by Ayşe Zarakol

The Other Great Game: The Opening of Korea and the Birth of Modern East Asia, by Sheila Miyoshi Jager

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Author: euro news

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