PRESS RELEASE: New Developments in Refrigerant Reclaim Australia’s Board Leadership

After decades of service on the Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Board, there has been a significant changing of the guard, heralding a new era of leadership and strategic direction. John McCormack, a fundamental member of the RRA Board has stepped down from his role as Chair. Additionally, Kevin O’Shea who has played a pivotal role in overseeing RRA’s financial affairs, has stepped down from the position of Secretary/Treasurer.
John and Kevin’s contributions have been instrumental in guiding RRA through significant milestones, strengthening the organisation’s commitment to the environment and industry innovation.
The Board of Directors expresses their profound gratitude to both John and Kevin for their exemplary service, commitment, and vision over the past two decades. Their dedication has significantly contributed to the success and growth of RRA during this time.
John brings over two decades of board and professional experience in the refrigeration and technology sectors, complemented by leadership roles in the automotive industry across the Asia-Pacific region. Presently, he serves as the Director of Sythree, representing Chemours, a leading global production company.
Reflecting on his time as Board Chair, John McCormack expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with such a committed team.
“Throughout my tenure, I have observed remarkable dedication from Board Directors who have willingly volunteered their time, expertise, and support.”
“It has been a privilege to observe the industry’s unified support for RRA, and to see every Director who has joined our Board demonstrate a profound commitment to our mission, driven by a deep-seated belief in our cause,” said McCormack.
Kevin who has a 50-year tenure in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and is a current member of the ARBS board is recognised through his roles as the current President of RACCA Australia and RACCA NSW. Kevin was appointed a member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for significant service to the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry and has earned accolades such as the Doug Staniforth Award and induction into the ARBS Hall of Fame.
“It has been a pleasure to work with the RRA Board of Directors and I am looking forward to focusing on RRA’s future connection with the education sector to ensure fit for purpose, focusing on our young apprentices.”
The contributions of both Board members have been pivotal in advancing the organisation’s mission to reduce emissions from the HVAC sector, promoting environmental stewardship within the refrigerant industry.
In light of these changes, the Board of Directors welcomed Greg Brooker to the role of Board Chair, bringing extensive experience and a proven track record of leadership across Australia and New Zealand, currently, Greg is the ANZ Refrigerant Specialist ACTROL.
Similarly, Paul Campbell assumed the role of Secretary/Treasurer. Paul has over 34 years of experience in leadership roles for Beijer Ref Group and is well-equipped to oversee RRA’s financial matters effectively.
In other news, the organisation is pleased to announce the appointment of Stacey Kershaw-Brant as the Communication Manager. With a rich background in strategic communications and a passion for advocacy, Stacey is poised to enhance RRA’s outreach efforts and strengthen its messaging on responsible refrigerant management practices and uptake.
Stacey brings a wealth of experience in communications across all levels of government, public relations, and corporate innovation to her new role.
We are looking forward to the positive contributions these staff movements will bring to RRA’s ongoing success and growth.
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