PRESS RELEASE: CREATE welcomes new CEO, Imogen Edeson

CREATE Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Imogen Edeson as our new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.
Imogen brings with her a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to CREATE’s mission of creating a better life for children and young people in care.
“My commitment to young people is that we will listen to you, we will show up for you, and we will find ways to make sure your voices are listened to by others, so we can help makes things better for all kids in care,” said Imogen.
Imogen has been an integral part of CREATE as Deputy CEO, and her advancement to the CEO role reflects her visionary and strategic leadership, and commitment to supporting children and young people with a care experience to reach their full potential.
With 20 years of experience in policy, advocacy, community development and reform, Imogen’s work has centred on driving meaningful change across social service systems.
Her expertise in sensitively translating lived experience into policy, practice and system reform has been instrumental in empowering young people and enhancing CREATE’s service delivery and impact as a systems advocate.
Imogen is highly valued for her adaptive and collaborative leadership, knowledge of social policy, and commitment to social justice, human rights, equity and inclusion.
Her understanding of complex social reforms and commitment to amplifying the voices of individuals with lived experience will continue to strengthen CREATE’s operations and impact.
CREATE remains steadfast in our mission to deliver high-value programs for young people and thoughtful advocacy.
We look forward to continuing to drive positive change across care and protection systems, based on what children and young people tell us, with Imogen Edeson as our new CEO.
CREATE Foundation is the national consumer body representing the voices of children and young people with an out-of-home care experience. We provide programs to children and young people with a statutory care experience. We listen to what those with a lived experience of the care system tell us, and advocate with and for them to achieve systemic change.
For more information please visit the CREATE website at
For further comment from CREATE’s CEO, Imogen Edeson, contact Taylor Toovey, Communications and Media Specialist via (m) 0478 814 752 or [email protected] Key statistics on out-of-home care in Australia:
• There are currently around 45,393 children and young people in out-of-home (OOHC) care nationally (AIHW, 2023).
• As of 30 June 2022, of the 45,393 children and young people in out of home care, 19,432 identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (AIHW, 2023).
• Nationwide, only 67.5% of children and young people in care feel they could have a say ‘reasonably often’ and 15.7% reported that they rarely or never had a say (McDowall, 2018).
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2023). Child protection Australia 2021–22.
McDowall, J. J. (2018). Out-of-home care in Australia: Children and young people’s views after five years of National Standards. CREATE Foundation.
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