Online Business Software Solutions Can Help Minimise the Impact of the School Summer Holidays

The school holidays are fast approaching – six whole weeks in which parents are faced with the challenge of finding ever more inventive ways of entertaining the children. Owners of small businesses who are also parents often have the hardest challenge of them all – for the concept of taking an extended holiday is something which many just can’t afford. So, how can you juggle the issue of looking after the children without letting your business suffer?

We don’t for a moment suggest that we have all the answers – after all, work/life balance is something that every parent, whether an employee or a business owner, has struggled with for eternity. However, with the increasing advent of remote working and technological advances in cloud computer systems in areas such as online accounting software, it’s now possible to work from home more efficiently than ever before.

Here are just a few ways in which you can free up time this summer for childcare without losing focus on your business:

1. When you’re tied to the house – get your home office in order

There’s no doubt about it – when the school holidays are here, getting out to the office is going to prove a headache, unless you’ve got a really good childcare support network. Get smart and get your home office set up in advance, so that you’re ready to go as soon as the holidays arrive. Find a quiet room (or quiet corner, if you can’t spare an entire room) to set up your computer, bring home essential files and make sure your office staff know to put calls through to your mobile or landline. Make sure the entire family knows that this is a work area, so that your paperwork doesn’t find itself covered in well-meaning crayon art or sticky jam sandwiches! Finally, ensure that your essential business software is accessible from home. The easiest way to do this is to make best use of cloud computing solutions, which store your software remotely rather than on your computer – such as online accounting software and remote file storage. Make the most of this innovation and you’ll be able to work as efficiently from home as you can at the office!

2. Out and about with the kids? Make the most of being mobile

We know that during the school holidays, parents are called upon more than ever to transport their children to events, parties and trips out. Whilst many of these are family occasions, it’s often the case that parents spend a lot of time sitting about, either waiting for events to finish or just keeping an eye on proceedings. Why not bring along your laptop and wi-fi dongle and use the time to answer emails and keep an eye on your finances which you can do with online accounting software

3. Find the time to make your working hours more flexible

As hyper as children can be during the holidays, they have to sleep sometime. That’s the ideal time for you to catch up on the day’s work – and by using the right software, you can do this at home. Online accounting software is designed for fast login and instant access to all of your financial information, so even if you can only grab a few minutes of precious time before the little ones wake again, you’ll be able to make the most of what time you have – such as accessing up to the minute debtors info and firing off chaser emails, to keep your bank balance looking healthy.

We know that running a business is often a twenty-four-seven job – so adding bored children to the mix is going to prove even more of a challenge. However, with the right advice, online software solutions and a little planning, managing to keep your family happy and your business buoyant during the holidays is achievable. Happy holidays!

Accounting Software by online accounting provider Fusion Accounts

Article Source by Kathryn Convery

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