New renal dialysis unit opens in Coober Pedy

Media event date:
18 June 2024

Date published:
18 June 2024

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Media release

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First Nations Australians with severe kidney disease will have better access to lifesaving treatment with the opening of a new Coober Pedy renal dialysis clinic. 
The Coober Pedy clinic is the first to open under the Albanese Labor Government’s $73.2 million Better Renal Services for First Nations Peoples initiative.
First Nations adults are twice as likely as non-Indigenous Australians to have chronic kidney disease and almost 4 times as likely to die from chronic kidney disease.
Dialysis is essential, lifesaving treatment for patients with end stage kidney disease, which can otherwise only be treated by kidney transplant. 
Providing dialysis treatment closer to a patient’s home increases the likelihood of regular treatment, continued support and care, while remaining on Country and connected to community and family. 
The Coober Pedy clinic will see approximately eight patients per week with potential to increase to 16 at times of high demand. 
Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation, also known as Purple House, will deliver the new services in Coober Pedy.
The Government’s $73.2 million in funding includes up to 30 dialysis units, including workforce accommodation in SA, WA and the NT, providing life-saving health care to First Nations people with end-stage kidney disease. 
Quotes attributable to Assistant Minister Malarndirri McCarthy: 
“The Albanese Government is delivering on its election commitment to provide better access to lifesaving renal dialysis for First Nations people.
“Dialysis saves lives. This new renal dialysis unit in Coober Pedy means people can stay on Country surrounded by family and get the essential, consistent treatment and care they need without having to travel vast distances.
“This new dialysis unit will make a significant, positive difference to the lives of First Nations people in Coober Pedy while helping to Close the Gap.”
Quotes attributable to Sarah Brown AM, CEO, Purple House: 
“On behalf of Purple House Directors and all our community leaders who have worked tirelessly to help people return home to family and Country whilst still receiving the very best care, we are incredibly happy to be opening dialysis in Coober Pedy today. 
“We thank the many community members, philanthropists, organisations, and the SA and Commonwealth governments for their help.  
“Most of all, to the family members of dialysis patients past and present from Coober Pedy who contacted Purple House and asked if we would come to talk to them about our community-controlled model of care…well done! You did it! This is just the start.”
Quotes attributable to Joe Morrison, Group Chief Executive Officer at the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation.
“The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation is incredibly proud to have played a part in bringing Purple House’s Dialysis Centre in Coober Pedy to life. 
 “It’s fundamental that vital health care services, such as this centre, are able to be delivered in the heart of community no matter where they are located, to ensure those seeking access to health care services are able to stay on their Country and close to family.”

Author: ibm1

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