Makeup Beauty Tips From the Experts to Make Everything Seem Bigger, Brighter and Tighter

Did you ever want to know about the makeup beauty tips that the makeup artists to use to achieve their fantastic results? How does skin end up looking so flawless when they go over it? How do those models’ lips seem so perfect and pouty? How do they make eyes always seem so bright and perfect? As it happens, there really are specific makeup tricks that go behind all of these effects.

Let’s start with that perfect skin. The first thing you need to do starting out is to use skin lotion that is fortified with SPF. You need to rub into your skin and leave it there for the skin to absorb it. After a few minutes, you can start with a little touch of foundation. You don’t apply it with a brush though – you put it on with your fingers (bet you didn’t know that). You could use a brush after this – but that would be to put on concealer and blend it into the foundation. You do this to hide any blemishes. Make sure when you use face powder, that you use neutral stuff, and not colored. When you’re done, you can spray on a touch of water to make your makeup look a little less powdery.

If you want your face to look tighter and more together, you really don’t have to head for your plastic surgeon. What you need to do instead is, to trick the eye. Pick up a cake of matte powder that’s a little darker than your skin tone. Starting under your cheekbone, try to blend the powder in. Use a little blush right there high up and dust own a little highlighter all over your nose, your brow bone and your cheekbones. It’s going to help make your jaw line look a lot stronger, and it’s going to make your neck look tighter.

Let’s get onto those bright eyes. Basically, what you want to do is to use a little reflective concealer by the top of the nose, close to your inner eye. It’ll help cover up any darkness there might be. And then, you can use silver liner. There are metallic glinting flakes in it that will reflect light and light up your eyes. If silver liner seems a little too bold for your look, you can instead use a transparent, but shiny, eyeshadow near the inner corner of your eye and around your brow bone. For the best effect, curl your eyelashes and touch them up with black mascara. The effect on your eyes will be one of largeness, openness and brightness.

Article Source by Ethan Sims

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