Low Carb Desserts – Welcome A Visit From the Sweet Tooth Fairy!

Low carb desserts can be a solution to your cravings for sugar.

Still, being addicted to sugar seems to be a national pandemic, and the sweet stuff hides in the darnedest places, such as whole grain products and breads, vegetables and even healthy low-carb foods.

Even those who don’t consume a lot of sweets can get the scourge of low carb dieters everywhere – sugar withdrawal.

Luckily, the intense need for sweet lasts only a few weeks on the Atkins, South Beach, Caveman and other carbohydrate-restrictive diets. And low carb desserts can at least give your tongue the taste is desires.

Sugar is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s delicious and it’s satisfying and it’s pure evil – it wears your pancreas out and causes dangerous diabetes.

Here’s what happens: when you scarf down meals containing lots of high-glycemic foods, your blood sugar soars. In response, the pancreas sees something wrong and produces insulin, which lowers the levels of glucose in the bloodstream.

If your blood sugar gets too low, you are wracked with fierce cravings for sugar, which starts the cycle all over again. This occurs more and more often and you enter a pre-diabetic state. Eventually, your overworked pancreas simply burns out and can no longer exude insulin.

Luckily, you are able to put a halt to this sequence by restricting your intake of high-glycemic foods, or in other words, embark on a low carb diet.

Still, your craving for sugar will not go away overnight. And with products packed with sugar tempting you everywhere, you may experience addicted-like cravings from time to time. Low carb desserts can help.

Planning is the ideal way to deal with the desire for sugar. You can stop the sugar levels in your blood from dropping by making sure you eat a balance of fiber, fat and protein. This can be accomplished by breaking your meals into five portions and eating regularly.

You can literally whip up a sweet treat of zero-carb heavy whipping cream and no-carb artificial sweeteners. Add in a little low-carb flavoring and you have a delicious creamy pudding-like treat. Freeze it and you have a faux ice cream.

Other handy Atkins, South Beach, Caveman and other low carb diet tricks include keeping seeds, nuts, cheese and hard boiled eggs within reach to help you balance the sugar levels in your blood. Don’t forget those hard boiled eggs can be transformed into yummy deviled eggs, too!

These days, low carb desserts include some very delicious sugar-free chocolate, which is just as good, creamy and satisfying as your standard chocolate bar. Just be careful to watch the carb intake, particularly if you seem to hit a lot of plateaus.

Another trick is to be sure to add a good daily multi-vitamin to your diet. Sometimes a nutritional deficiency – such as a lack of magnesium, zinc or chromium – can trigger an intense craving for chocolate and/or sugary sweets! You can ward off some desires if you take a daily supplement.

But the very best solution? Low carb desserts!

Enjoying a low or no carbohydrate substitute of your favorite sugary eat can be very satisfying when you are feeling deprived. There are a variety of sugar-free ice creams, yogurts, candy and chocolate, even pancakes with maple syrup!

There is no doubt that sometimes intense cravings for sugar will be a part of carbohydrate-restrictive diets, but you can banish them with the help of these tips and low carb desserts!

Article Source by Kim Humphreys

Cee Gei
Author: Cee Gei

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