Long Live The Pasta Salad

Pasta has been around for years and years and has found its way into many of the popular dishes that we now know as comfort food. What would lasagna or ravioli or even spaghetti be without our friendly neighborhood pasta. This is where it is normally found and in all honesty, it will probably hold this title for may years to come. But there is another way to enjoy pasta. A must more sublime and ingenious way, and a way more healthier to boot. What is that way you ask? Via pasta salad is my answer. If you are not yet a fan of this great form of pasta I hope to convince you of it. Let the journey begin…

How many times have we had a nice Italian dish of pasta and felt bloated and tired afterwords? This is a very common reaction to taking in all those carbs and proteins and fats during that special holiday meal or family function. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to have that fantastic same pasta taste but in a much healthier format? There is…via the pasta salad.

In a pasta salad there is pasta to be sure, but notice the second part of the term. That’s right, salad. When you think of salad you think of lettuce and broccoli and tomato and celery. Perhaps some olives and pickles to top it off. When compared to meats and dairy and fats which is healthier for your body? You only need to check out any diet plan or calorie chart to figure that out. The body loves the roughage and high water content of vegetables, and they are readily available in the great combination that is known as the pasta salad.

Let’s not stop here. We can add pasta and veggies to be sure, but there are so many other ways to top off the great pasta salad and make it all that more special. If you want to go the low calorie route there is always balsamic vinegar or perhaps a few squeezes of lemon to make it special. If you have had a hard workout or tough day you can kick it up a notch by mixing in some mayo or a heavy cream sauce. The pasta salad is your friend and is there to make you happy. You only need to ask.

There is so much I can write about in regards to the healthy pasta salad I’m afraid that I don’t have time in this article. Come on over to my website for more details…

Article Source by Wallace Kirby

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