Italian Pasta Recipe – Pipe Pasta with Eggplants

This is one of the quickest Italian pasta recipes and, as it is made with tomatoes and eggplants only, is very low on fats content!

It comes from my grandmother’s cookbook and I remember that all of my family was really happy when we saw this incredible pasta for lunch or for dinner.

It’s great even if your fridge is completely empty (mine often is, especially when I work a lot) and you still want to enjoy what you eat, or you discover by surprise that you have someone for dinner.

Ingredients (4 people):

320 g durum wheat pipe pasta (be careful to buy durum wheat pasta, not soft wheat one: real Italian pasta recipes need this kind of pasta!)

300 g eggplants

200 g mature tomatoes

extra virgin olive oil

a bit of oregano


How to do it!

Put on fire a medium-sized pot with abundant water and half a hand-cup of sea salt.

Wash eggplants, peel them and cut them into small cubes.

In a pan, put some olive oil. When it’s hot, pour in the cubes.

Cut your tomatoes into big cubes and in the meantime fry eggplants adding more olive oil. Mix them well and add oregano.

Add tomato cubes, a cup of the boiling water and a bit of salt. Turn fire to its minimum and go on cooking it for 5 minutes.

When water is boiling, pour in your pasta. When it’s nearly cooked, drain it and pour pasta into the pan. Mix it all for a couple of minutes and… eat!

Article Source by Claudia Resta

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