Irvingia Gabonensis Seeds – The African Mango Fruit Extract

Irvingia gabonensis seeds is a botanical or scientifically name for the African mango seed extract. This seed is from a unique mango fruit found only in west Africa precisely in Cameroon.

As a researcher and a Cameroonian, I eating what we call back home Ogbono (the African mango extract other wise known as Irvingia gabonensis seeds). All this while of consuming this extract I did not for once know any medicinal benefits this seed could offer. Not on till now though.

How is Ogbono consumed in Cameroons?

Well after eating the fruit the seed is typically dried in the sun for preservation. Then cracked to remove the real ogbono. They may be ground to a paste known as Gabon chocolate. Their high content of mucilage enables them to be used as thickening agents for dishes such as Ogbono soup. The nuts may also be pressed for vegetable oil.

Most of us in Cameroon eat it just like a kind of soup not really knowing it’s medicinal effects. But after the research done in the medical university of Cameroon many people started realizing how important “Ogbono” (Irvingia gabonensis ) had in their body.

This mango extract increase the rate of body metabolism. The ability of the body to turn fat in to energy which results in weight loss.

Site Effects;

Eating Ogbono I have never experienced any site effects. But from my research I have learned the compressed form of Irvingia gabonensis called African mango diet pills has some site effects, though not so serious. The most common side effects has been reported, these include sleeping problems, headaches, and flatulence.

However there is no clinical or scientific report to decide if using Irvingia gabonensis or African mango diet pill is safe during pregnancy or when breast-feeding.

Article Source by Winst F N

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