How to Wax a Black Car So it Gleams

Black car owners everywhere, I salute you. To me, when it comes to owning a car it has to be black as this looks so very classy and if cleaned and waxed properly even regal. Of course if you own such a car you will already know that washing and waxing it is a real challenge simply because the colour lends itself to smearing and shows clear every little smudge and watermark. In the article we are going to look at how to wax your black automobile so it shines beautifully.

Let me start by telling you what I drive, I am the proud owner of a 2007 black Mercedes Benz C Class. It is fully loaded and comes with a fantastic blue leather interior and tinted windows. The exterior is in a classic black colour which when cleaned looks awesome.

So keeping a car like this in good order requires some effort and knowledge. When it comes to waxing the car I take great car to do a class job. The first thing to do is wash the car as this removes the grime and dust, which is always an important step to do before waxing. What you will notice with a black auto is that after washing water stains will be visible.

Now I use leading brands of car wax (always buy wax that matches the colour of your vehicle) as they usually supply a small crayon sized chip pen. The next step is to take the chip stick and apply to any scratch marks or stone chips. When filling in scratches apply in the direction of the scratch and build up layers until the scratch is filled in.

Finally you begin to apply the wax to the car. Now my tried and tested method is to rub on the wax in small areas at a time (panel by panel) using a clean lint free cloth. Allow the wax to dry and take another cloth and polish off. Make sure you polish in circular overlapping motion. Once done move on to the next panel and so on until complete.

Article Source by Jessica Hannah

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