How to Shake the Winter Blues With a Deck of Playing Cards

One of the simplest and cheapest tools to purchase to shake the winter blues is an ordinary deck of playing cards. A nice deck of cards can easily be bought for a couple dollars sometimes a lot less. There is nothing as fun as playing cards with family and friends. If you find yourself stuck inside with the kids, playing cards can be a real fun game for all of you. And there are numerous card games that can be played by just one person, you.

One of the easiest and fun card games to play by yourself is called War. Simply shuffle and deal the cards into two even piles so each pile has 26 cards, face down, and pretend your playing against someone else. The one pile of cards is yours and the other pile is your imaginary friends. Do not look at your cards, just keep them face down in two piles. One of you starts by placing a card off the top of your pile face up. Then the next player places the top card off his pile face up, the player that has the higher valued card, takes both cards and places them face down on the bottom of their pile, then each turns over the next card and continues in the same way.

When both cards turned face up are the same value, there is war! The equal cards stay on the table and both players place the next card on their pile face down and then they place the next card face up. Whoever has the highest card this time, wins all the cards on the table that were played. If there is a tie again, war continues. The game goes on and on like this until one person has all the cards and wins the game.

Now if you don’t like playing war or you want to try something different, do a search on the internet or get a book on playing Solitaire. There are tons of different variations of solitaire you can learn to play, in fact there are over 400 different solitaire games to play with a deck of cards. One of the most fun games of solitaire is called Klondike, in fact most computers have some versions of solitaire on them to play anytime for free, including klondike, so if you have a computer you may not even need a deck of cards to play solitaire.

Now if the children are big enough to play cards with you, you have a lot of games to learn and play, such as fish and many others. If a spouse or other adults are present, there are just as many multi player adult card games to play. One favorite is poker, when I was a youngster I used to sit and play poker with some friends, we would bet pennies and play against each other. Other fun games for adults to play with cards are Crazy Eights and Hi-Lo-Jack. Get yourself a nice book on card games or browse the internet for ideas, playing cards by yourself, with the children or other adults is a very easy and fun way to help shake the winter blues.

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Article Source by Robert Benjamin

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