How to Breastfeed After 6 Months

OK ladies, so up until now you have blissfully been breastfeeding your arm sized, semi manageable little one but you have recently noticed a few changes. For one that chair you once used to feed is getting a little constricting, secondly feeds are getting shorter and lastly your milk no longer gives your baby that high on morphine smile after every feed.

Well mamas, you are entering the post newborn breastfeeding phase and things are about to change even more pretty quickly.. but have no fear as a breastfeeding mother of an almost 10 month old baby I’m here to put your worries to rest..

Here are my tips and tricks to get you through the new breastfeeding journey, or should I say storm in the safest way possible.

Tip one

Remove all shiny colorful objects from your person- this includes jewelry, head scarfs or particular items of clothing that could be high risk to pulling biting swallowing etc.

A funny thing happens to babies after the 6 month mark.. they start to realise they can touch stuff, but not just touch it, destroy it or the person it is attached to. Now, I learnt this the hard way, when my little one came very near to ripping out one of my earrings.. thank god It was in fact in my ear and not somewhere else.. imagine this happening with a nose ring or worse a tongue ring! Nevertheless ladies protect yourself and dress in the plainest, safety first, baby friendly clothing when breastfeeding!

Tip two

Be aware of the biting face.

Now it’s a fact that when babies get those brand new pearly whites they want to test them out on everything.. including our nipples.

But don’t be too scared the bites usually come with a warning sign, generally it’s a very cheeky teeth clenching face that your baby will make as it is about to clamp down on that nipple. Now, the most important thing to remember when this happens is to have the perfect reaction, this is crucial. You see the first reaction of the first nipple bite will dictate all teeth nipple interaction. If the reaction is to big baby will think you are playing and do it for attention, but if too small baby won’t fully grasp what the reaction is and try biting down a second time. Safest bet, after six months guard those nipples with a plastic shield or do what I do, grin a bear it repeating the affirmation “it’s all a part of being a mother”

Tip three

Breastfeed in an open area that gives your baby plenty of leg room.

You know those annoying little chihuahua dogs, the ones that as soon as you sit down jump and lick you all over. OK, well now imagine breastfeeding one of those dogs. Yep there you go, that is what breastfeeding after 6 months looks like. Your little baby will not only be constantly moving but in the mad frenzy to suck as much milk out as possible will be climbing all over you, at times eating upside down or if like my little one whilst trying to stand on their head. Here’s my advice, lie down, get those nipple out hold your arm wide open and let the precious bundle of joy do it’s thing. I find it best to just give in to the feeding frenzy, it usually only lasts between 10-20 min and if you are lucky will end in baby somehow lying all over you in a milk coma.

Yes, breastfeeding after six months is no walk in the park, but hey what part of motherhood is. The only way to get through is to have a laugh, embrace the chaos and accept the fact that for the next year or so your body will be a fully stocked, all included, unlimited smorgasbord!

Until next time mamas, happy breastfeeding!

Article Source by Gaia Massara

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