Many quotes in the modern popular culture have been referenced to the 1939 American musical dream movie,”THE WIZARD OF OZ” made by Metro Goldwyn Mayer is here in game type for a slot machine. Sweet right? Bear in mind the wizard of Oz with its technicolor which was Highly spoken of to be one of the best movies in cinema history, an adaptation of”The wonderful wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum. The film wizard of Oz that starred Judy garland like Dorothy Gale, Jack Haley, Ray Bulger, and Bert Lahr. Yes, that film where Dorothy Gale needed a dog”Toto” and lives with her aunt (Ema ) and uncle Henry on her farm in Kansas, Toto gets judged to be euthanized for biting her neighbor, Toto escapes and runs to Dorothy, and Dorothy tries to run off, stumbles upon fortune teller Professor Marvel who uses his crystal to make Dorothy think her aunt is dying of broken heart, Dorothy runs straight back home, along with a tornado strikes, the tornado carries her and takes her into Munchkin land, the land of Oz and land of Glenda the good witch of the North where Dorothy is welcomed as a heroine and Dorothy has to wear the slippers which the wicked witch of the west had come to assert, but shrewd Glenda had already transported to Dorothys’ ft and she must keep the slippers and, walk down the yellow brick road to emerald city to find the assistance of the Wizard of Oz to return home.

It was a thrilling and fun filled movie, now just imagine it in a slot machine and you also get to play as Dorothy, get entrusted with the slippers and walk down the yellow brick road all with the help of the slot machine. The game is title WIZARD OF OZ SLOT GAME, journey down the yellow brick road meet the Scarecrow, who craves a brain, the Tin Woodman, who wishes for a heart, and the Cowardly Lion, that needs courage. As Dorothy, invite them to accompany you to the Emerald City, where they can also ask the Wizard to help them.

The wizard of Oz slot game is a classic game with lots of features, awesome bonus rounds and great sound impact, choose the slot machine to an entire great new level filled with’sensory immersion gambling experience’ as describe by the makers. In the game, you get to see the wizard of Oz by getting big wins.

Wizard of Oz slot game presents you with symbols which comprises the Emerald city which is the Feature emblem and the game logo that’s the wild symbol, Dorothy, the game symbol, Toto the dog, ruby slippers, the scarecrow, lion, along with tin guy, a hot air balloon, a tornado, and a house that was removed by the tornado.

Wizard of Oz slot game is available for online play and offline at the casino or any game house that offers the slot machine games. And also you can get Wizard of Oz slots free coin for your online game play to help you remain in the game.

The film wizard of Oz is a great film, now imagine what experience you would get from playing the game in a slot machine. Slot and twist your way down the yellow brick road. It is worth the while. Play and enjoy the classic video game.

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