Fine Dining in Bali

A testament to Bali’s rapid rise in popularity as one of South East Asia’s top tourist destinations, dining venues in the island province have evolved from a few small warungs serving locals on the street to some of the best fine dining restaurants anywhere in Asia. The unprecedented expansion and development of 5-star hotels and resorts all over Bali have been a clarion call to experienced and aspiring chefs from all over the world. They come to Bali, drawn by the promise of an ever growing tourist industry and the desire to create truly special dining experiences.

In a relatively short period of time Bali has witnessed the start of a vast number of world class fine dining restaurants, cafes and bars. While most tend to cluster around major tourist towns like Ubud, Kuta and Nusa Dua in the south, less crowded areas like Lovina in the north are also seeing an increase in upscale resorts with fine dining establishments. Some of the newest and most exciting fine dining restaurants includes Minami in Ubud, which provides authentic Osakan cuisine straight from Japan to the heart of Bali’s verdant Ubud valley. Another great example of fine dining is CIRE at Alila Villas in Uluwatu. CIRE offers diners the very best in contemporary western cuisine and seafood using the freshest possible local organic produce.

Long overlooked by the fine dining scene, north Bali’s Lovina Beach is home to Kwizien, which opened its doors in 2007. A smart-casual bar/bistro/brassiere, Kwizien boasts a varied menu of European-style soups and entrees combined with an excellent selection of main courses ranging from fresh locally caught seafood to juicy chicken, sizzling steak, and barbecued pork dishes.

More laid back and affordable than Bali’s southern districts, Lovina Beach in the island’s north is an area with tremendous growth potential. With the planned construction of a new International Airport in North Bali, the entire region is projected to see tremendous growth in the near future. The villas and apartments at the 5-star Lovina Beach Resort is a great Bali property investment opportunity right now.

Article Source by Anwar H

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