Factors That Enforce Divine Intervention 2

Divine intervention is the rescue operation from above that helps you to break through a difficult situation. This is the power of God that comes on the scene to change the story of your life to the enviable glory of your life. If you have been going through difficulties and problems, this article which is the part two will show you the steps you can take now to enforce the powers of heaven to step into your situation and help you to succeed in spite of the difficulties you are presently facing.

The bible says in Psalm 46: 1 that,”God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of need”. To be the present help in times of need is to divinely inter-vain in our lives and situations; and when the help from above surfaces, the problems dissolve. The third factor to get divine intervention is boldness to face your problem with the word of God.

Daniel was bold enough to face the lions; David was bold enough to face the Goliath; Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego were bold enough to face the fiery furnace of fire. I all the cases mentioned above, divine intervention came to the rescue. There is no one who will boldly face his problems or challenges with the word of God that will not

experience divine intervention. Boldness weakens the enemy or the opposition, it is a spiritual force that never fails, so be bold, speak boldly, walk boldly, face the situation boldly and you will see God at work for you.

Another powerful factor that ensures divine intervention is regular payment of your tithes. Those who pay their tithes regularly do not experience tight situation because payment of tithes commands supernatural blessing upon you and all you do. Read the Bible book of Malachi 3: 8-12 and see how God Himself desires that you pay your tithes to ensure continual blessing in your life. When you pay your tithe, you commit the Almighty God into partnership with you in that thing you are doing. Tithing opens the windows of heaven and commands the blessing to be put into your hand.

There are some unseen forces that devour people’s blessings, when you pay your tithes regularly, these destroyers are rebuked by God Himself on your behalf. This is God’s way of provision, this is God’s requirement for your breakthrough and turn-around; go and do it, obedient is better than sacrifice.

Article Source by Sunday Joseph Adenuga

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