Discover Various Types of Cake Icing

Icing on a cake adds to the beauty and taste of a delicious cake. One can easily prepare different types of icings for a cake to enhance not just its appearance, but also taste. One of the most commonly used icing is the butter and cream icing. This is also one of the oldest and most popular method that most of the home cake makers use. It is made up by mixing butter and sugar in the correct ratio. One more icing is known as flat icing, which is often used for pastries, cream rolls and the biscuit rolls. In this icing, ground sugar and water is used.

Another tasty icing is the cream cheese icing. It is a great blend of cream, cheese, butter and icing sugar. When used on carrot cake and cupcakes, it gives them a light and fluffy appearance. One more popular icing is the fudge icing which is quite tempting and relishing. It has a rich chocolate flavor. You can prepare fudge icing by mixing butter, sugar and chocolate pieces in the required proportion. You may also add some other flavors and essence to enhance the taste and texture.

You must have heard about fondant icing. Well, this is the icing that is mainly used in all special occasions like birthdays and weddings parties. This type of icing uses sugar, water, glucose and cream of tartar.

As the name suggests, royal icing actually ends up lending your cake a ‘royal’ appearance. This kind of baking is made by blending egg white, lemon juice and icing sugar. It has a little brittle texture and hence, it is even used to make sugar carvings for cakes and cookies.

Article Source by Kum Martin

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