Cooking Articles – The two most unique last-minute healthy party snacks from the Caribbean

Jamaican coconut drops. The #1 sweet party snacks to buy online:

Sweet Ginger Coconut Drops is a must-have at every party snack event! It is one of the snacks you forgot about since it is not recognized the way it should. Islsnac Caribbean shop online has taken steps to make this Jamaican snack box available for coconut lovers who are always looking for creative snacks coconut snacks. Suddenly, the savory coconut drops candy appears on top and became a big hit for many and is the crowd’s favorite #1 sweet snack box.

Can you believe how addicting these shredded coconut drops are?! Islsnac International Candy box is also known as coconut drops cake, cut cake, or sugar coconut candy. The name varies from Caribbean island regions. Jamaicans call it simply drops. It is one of our favorite Caribbean sweet snacks on the islsnac Caribbean snack menu. Rarely you would find folks that are not coconut fans, fall so deeply in love with our Jamaican coconut sweets with a first bite. Snacationers usually ask. Why are Jamaican coconut drops so good? It is so easy to see why our healthy sweet snack fans keep coming back. No wonder so many who resides in Hampton Roads Virginia have been raving about islsnac authentic Jamaican recipes.

Furthermore, how to make Jamaican coconut drop cookies can be summed up in one sentence. Caramelized brown cane sugar, diced coconuts, freshly chopped ginger root, grated nutmeg, pure vanilla extract, and water. How to make real Jamaican coconut drops is now a thing of the past. Unlike other Caribbean snack shops, islsnac does not make coconut drops with eggs or butter. With that initiative, vegan sweets to buy is never this close.

Healthy snacks on the go with crushed green plantains:

Snacking healthy has never been this much fun. We were recently reminded of a fruit that is delightfully prepared on many tropical islands. While visiting Haiti for the first time exploring the country’s taste bud, we discovered one of their favorite Caribbean snack foods. It is the #1 healthy snack on the go to buy in their communities. There are many popular plantain chips brands available online, including islsnac. For Haitians, plantain availability for consumption is more than branding, it is a lifestyle.

This fruit is a great source of potassium, fiber, and is known to boost the immune system. In the West Indies, plantains are prepared fried/ boiled ripe, green, semi-green, crushed, or whole. In any combination, the savory snack bites are addicting. Plantain benefits for the natives are delicious healthy convenient snacking with the side effect being, more ripe plantain chips snacking!

Haitians redefine natural snacking on the go with this hearty fruit provision. Plantains are grown in galore and are prepared with many flavors in homes, sold in shops, served at parties, crushed and fried at markets, and eaten on buses, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It is named bannann fri in Haiti, it’s called other names depending on the Caribbean island ingredients or preparation technique. Haiti exemplifies the meaning of healthy snacking on the go. Plantain chips are available at the Caribbean snack store online. Try it! “and snack on the go!”.

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