Cooking Articles – Blooming Tea: A Complete Guide on Flowering Teas

What is Blooming Flowering Tea?

Blooming Tea also known as Flowering Tea. As the name suggests, the type of drink is made of a mixture of edible flowers and tea leaves. The mixture is not processed but instead, they are tied together and used in making tea when dry.

This type of tea is quite enjoyable to drink since it is made of sweet smelling flowers which are also edible. In the recent past, the Chinese country is the country where tea was introduced and as per now, most people have started using it as it is easily made and less costly. According to doctors, this type of drink is healthier as compared to others because it is more natural.

CHINESE FLOWER / BLOOMING TEA In this dynamic world, there are a lot of things that come up each and every particular day due to research. Innovations, as well as inventions, have taken most of the people`s time where people are trying to come up with new things. Although some of the past inventions seem to be accidental in a way as some people say since their origin cannot or may not be clearly defined. China is one of the countries that most of its people have dedicated their time and effort in research and development.

It is this country that is believed to be the origin of tea drinking a long time ago. It is for this reason that there are many types of tea in that country ranging from black to white tea. Chinese flower tea is another type of tea that is mostly used in China and has lately spread throughout the world.

This is a unique type of tea that is naturally made from dried leaves and dried flowers by wrapping them together. It has been positively commented on by many people about its taste and other benefits. Although China has many types of meals and drinks there is not one that is more beautiful than this flower tea drink.

The blooming tea is simply made from tea leaves and certain flowers which are mostly found in Yunnan Province in China. The tea leaves and flowers are bound together to form a bulb which is then dried up. As it is drying up the tea seems to be steeping. While steeping, a blooming effect is seen from the flowers producing an aroma where the tea starts to unfold forming a bulb. According to the experts as it is blooming the tea leaves are the one to bloom first then the flowers follow as the centerpiece.

The flowers that are used to make this type of tea are sourced from Yunnan Province which is a mountainous place. The place is suitable for the production of flowers such as hibiscus and chrysanthemums which are used in making the Chinese flower tea. The flowers mentioned are just but a few since there are varieties of them which are acquired cheaply in the Southwestern part of China due to the reliable climate in the place. Many people have started using blooming tea hence gaining popularity over the recent years due to its features.

It is either bright in color or light green. The tea has a pleasant fragrance and sweet taste hence has attracted many people. While brewing, one of the preparation methods, it produces a sweet smell and attractive color. The users of this tea say that while using it one not only enjoys the sweet taste but also one can feel the sense of beauty. Although people are saying that its preparation is easy, the experts warn people to be careful when brewing this type of tea. They warn against choosing the wrong type of the container that will be used to brew

The functionality of the Chinese blooming tea works best as any other herbal product. It is majorly known for its vital health benefits associated with no or minimal side effects. This kind of tea is found in different varieties with different methods of making them. In this type dried flowers are used in place of the normal tea leaves. Under some methods, dried tea leaves are used with dried flowers to provide the pleasant fragrance as well as some health benefits that come along with its usage. The tea can be made from the roots, stem, flowers, and leaves of the herbal plant used.

The Chinese tea cannot be generally said to be popular in the whole country especially the western part but it is more popular in Yunnan. The surety about the inventor of the Chinese tea still remains suspended in the minds of many since none knows exactly who came up with it.

Many people have come up with different theories about the origin of this tea. Some propose that it was an accidental invention by someone who was trying to prepare some tea while others think that it was a modern creation or among the older inventions in China. Proposals about the origin vary depending on the person’s research and thinking since there is no single book or historical record about the origin of the Chinese tea.

The fact remains and will still remain that the origin, how it came into existence and the founder is unknown.

The Chinese health professionals have confirmed that the blooming tea is healthy and safe to use. It contains many health benefits since it is naturally made. Since it is made from a mixture of bundled flowers and tea leaves it has a lot of benefits in the body. The dried flowers that are made of are important in the body in different ways.

Among the many benefits is that it helps in fighting cancer. When used for a long time it effects in the body becomes anti-cancerous hence help in preventing cancer. It is important also for cleaning the blood in the body as well as boosting blood circulation. It as well smoothens or beautifies the skin and preventing it from diseases.

It, however, contains antioxidants that clean the body by eliminating toxins from the body. It also treats coughing by moistening the lungs and removing mucus from the body as well as smoothening of the nerves. The tea also removes heat from the body as well as removing inflammations. It as well helps in digestion as well as boosting metabolism.

How to Brew Blooming Tea

Blooming tea is a visually enticing experience. Hand rolled, tea leaves are bundled up together with various flowers into many different shapes. Not only is blooming tea easy to prepare, its dancing leaves will draw center of attention to any summer party.


1. One blooming or flowering tea ball

2. Filtered water

3. Medium to large see-through teapot


Bring the filtered water to an almost boil (about 170 degrees). Pour the hot water into the clear teapot containing the blooming tea ball. Watch the tea ball unravel into a flowery design. Steep for at least 15 minutes. Pour liquid into a teacup and drink. Add sweetener if desired.


Blooming tea is typically made of Silver Needle white tea. Silver needle can be steeped for a longer period than green or black for added flavor without tasting bitter. However, once steeped to desired taste, remove liquid from bloom for later use. In addition, fruit preserves are highly recommended as sweeteners rather than sugar. These can be purchased at your local ethnic grocery store. Some great combinations are rose petal preserves or date preserves.

Wrap up

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