Breast Lift Through Cosmetic Tourism

If cosmetic surgery is too expensive where you live, you do have the option of having your surgery done abroad. This is called cosmetic tourism where you travel to a different country in order to get cheaper deals on cosmetic surgery.

Are you interested in getting a breast lift but cannot afford the steep prices in your area? Why not try cosmetic tourism? In fact, you can combine your plastic surgery with an exotic holiday trip. Sounds exciting right? As you consider this, here is a list of do’s and don’ts of cosmetic tourism.


1. Ask friends or family, who have done cosmetic surgery, for references. You are better off hearing from a person who has experienced it as opposed to relying on a single review you read on a blog somewhere.

2. Do a lot of research on the area you have chosen to have your cosmetic surgery. If possible, call the facility and talk to the employees before you book an appointment. Talking over the phone will also help you identify whether the facility’s employees speak English. It would be so disappointing if you had to travel thousands of miles only to get there and find that nobody speaks English. It may not sound like a problem up until you end up with a facelift, yet you wanted breast surgery!

3. Do confirm whether your insurance company will cover you if you were to develop complications while you’re out of the country. What if your documents got lost while you were in the foreign country? Will your insurance company pay for replacements? These are some of the things you need to think of to ensure that you are fully covered before you travel.


1. Don’t travel to any place that is too remote, just in case anything happens to you and you need urgent medical care.

2. Don’t book an appointment without asking for hidden costs. Cosmetic tourism is meant to be a cheaper option, but the price may escalate because of extra costs that were not mentioned upfront. Also, calculate the overall cost of travel, accommodation and the surgery itself. You may find that it would be cheaper to have the surgery done back home.

3. Don’t travel without doing a background check on the facility as well as its surgeon and employees. The last thing you want is a backdoor doctor pumping you full of cement in the name of plastic surgery.

As you consider whether or not you should try cosmetic tourism, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe the biggest advantage is that you can combine your surgery with a trip and ultimately pay less and get more in return. The disadvantage is that you may have no way of knowing whether the surgeon operating on you is certified or not. In the United States, any plastic surgeon should be registered with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Similarly, Australia has an oversight regulatory body for all certified surgeons. This helps by offering you a list of professional and certified surgeons.

Article Source by Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

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