Body Skin Lightening Lotion – Top 3 Skin Whitening Techniques Revealed

In order to attain a fair and flawless body skin, you should moisturize and cleanse your skin daily. Human covering is extremely delicate which should be pampered regularly. A good body lotion can easily nourish your complexion. It is always advisable to read the ingredients first before employing any cream. You should always use nature based ingredients for revitalizing your complexion.

Most people take up wrong skin whitening methods such as laser resurfacing, botox, chemical peels etc. which can be harmful for your body in the long run. Home-based remedies are always recommended for treating your skin naturally. Bleaching is considered to be an effective method for whitening your body. This process can easily inhibit the production of Melanin in our body. Hydroquinone is one of the most powerful bleaching agents but this ingredient can cause deadly disorders such as liver damage, thyroid disorders and leukemia. FDA also bans its usage. There are various alternatives to Hydroquinone such as Alpha-Arbutin, kojic acid, licorice etc.

Top 3 Skin Whitening Techniques

* Regular cleansing and moisturizing is extremely important for attaining a fair complexion. You should also protect your body from sun. Prolonged exposure to sun rays causes skin darkening. You should always apply a sunscreen lotion before stepping outside of your house.

* Skin lightening body lotion also helps in removing dark spots and skin discolorations with ease. You should follow a healthy lifestyle for whitening your body. Drinking lots of water keeps your body hydrated, which consequently inhibit the product of melanin.

* Application of fade creams can be the best way for whitening your body complexion. You should apply creams containing nature-based ingredients such as Alpha-Arbutin, kojic acid, licorice extract, mulberry extract, emblica powder, lemon juice extract, bear berry extract etc. Meladerm is a pigment-reducing complex, which contains all these ingredients. This cream contains no Hydroquinone, mercury or steroids. Meladerm not only whitens your complexion but also reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation, melasma, age spots, birthmarks, dark elbows etc with ease.

Article Source by Jessica Norman

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