BBQ – The Budget Beating BBQ

The best things in life are free, so in this tough economic climate its time to re-embrace the freer things in life:

– sightseeing

– friends

– family

– parks

– food

One event that embraces all these elements is the BBQ! The BBQ is a great Australian tradition that can take place in any location and is a celebration of friends and family that takes place in the great outdoors. The food served at a BBQ is generally easy to prepare, easy to eat and has a menu that has had something contributed to it by every member of the BBQ. Australia might not be known for its etiquette but all Australian’s know that you never turn up to a BBQ empty handed.

The communal BBQ menu is embedded in the psyche of socializing in Australia and reflects the true nature of Australians- generous, thoughtful, considerate and contributors. The BBQ is a great way to socialize and celebrate during these harder economic times. The communal contribution to a menu means that no one person is burdened with the cost of food and drink. It also creates a great topic of conversation as people admire, taste and compliment each others culinary wares. A BBQ can replace any expensive celebration and is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, engagements, christenings, Christmas and many more.

The return of the BBQ trend has even permeated into the retail and food industries. Many retail outlets today use a BBQ to entice customers to visit their store- who can resist a free or cheap sausage sizzle. Restaurants and catering companies are also embracing the BBQ and incorporating more BBQ recipes into their menus. BBQ catering companies are being used more often as people embrace and use the more sophisticated BBQ for their events.

The BBQ is a great option for any event and is cost effective. So whether you’re catering for one or hundreds think about having a BBQ.

Article Source by Vickey Parchani

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