All About Xylitol and Your Diabetic Friendly Desserts

It is easy to understand why you prefer products containing natural ingredients. Your health is your wealth. Good health could be all about Xylitol that can be found in many diabetic friendly desserts. It is your catalyst for good health.

This safe, natural sweetener is not a chemical or a drug. Classified broadly in ads as a carbohydrate, your human body even produces this natural substance during normal metabolism. It occurs regularly in glucose metabolism as a natural intermediate product. By narrower classification, it is a polyol of the sweetest kind.

Found in fibrous vegetables and fruit, the best sources of xylitol are berries, mushrooms, corn cobs, lettuce, and hardwoods. Birch trees, cane bagasse and corn cobs or stalks are sources of xylitol that is manufactured for commercial use.

It looks and tastes like sugar. On the contrary, the sugar’s mirror image heals and repairs. It enhances alkaline and builds immunity. It is antimicrobial as it is considered as a five-carbon sugar. Unlike all forms which are six-carbon sugars, it does not feed dangerous bacteria and fungi. As a food additive, the white crystalline substance can be used for foods in unlimited quantity. It is safe in any sugar-controlled diet and other special dietary purposes.

It enters the bloodstream much slower than sugars. It’s very slow metabolism has been repeatedly demonstrated in studies. With slow absorption and partial utilization, its calorie claim is reduced much lower than other carbohydrates.

Learn to cook and bake diabetic friendly cheesecakes with this natural sweetener without the bad side-effects. Xylitol stabilizes insulin naturally and prevents the abrupt rises and falls that occur with sugar. The level of insulin is reduced in foods sweetened with it. Have your diabetic friendly cheesecakes with the perfect sweetener that actually helps eliminate your sugar cravings.

It works well for your teeth as well. Trials show low decay rates as xylitol arrests and even reverses dental caries. You can have your natural tooth protector in xylitol mints, tablets and candies that stimulate saliva. Keep it in contact with your teeth to encourage chewing or sucking of the sweetener.

Replacing all sweeteners by xylitol as the principal sweetener is done to obtain diabetic friendly cheesecakes. Towards good health and long life, you can benefit from this great aid. It is among the natural ingredients you want included in your diabetic friendly desserts.

Article Source by Bob Hamilton

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