You are currently viewing Chinese Kitchen Knife Meat Cleaver Vegetable Knife 6.7-inch Stainless Steel Wooden Handle with Moderate Weight

Chinese Kitchen Knife Meat Cleaver Vegetable Knife 6.7-inch Stainless Steel Wooden Handle with Moderate Weight

Price: $54.68 - $42.58
(as of Oct 20,2023 20:13:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description


十八子作 | SHI BA ZI ZUO S2308-B Slicer

Material: 40Cr13, C: 0.35-0.45, Cromium: 12.00-14.00Hardness: 55-57 HRCBlade edge angle: 25-30°Blade: Extended finger guardHandle: Well polished full-length tang handle


This slicer is suitable slicing knife is suitable for slicing, dicing or mincing meat and vegetablePlease donot use it to chop hard bones or any hard materials.

Maintenance Instructions:

The knife should be washed and cleaned with running water after using. Then dry the knife with a towel and sotre it in a knife stand or block.The knife should be stored in a dry and airy place, better in a knife block.Keep the knife away from acidic, alkaline or any corrosive substance.To keep the blade edge sharp, the knife blade edge should be sharpened with a sharpening tool in an appropriate way after a period.The blade edge is extremely sharp. Keep the knife out of reach of children.

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Strong & Thick Blade

The thickness of this blade is 2.0-2.5mm. Blade edge is less than 30° to make it as sharp as possible and work faster. The wide blade could be also used as a spatula to server prepared food to pan or wok.

Protective Finger Guard

Streamline finger guard design avoids the user reaching his/her finger to the blade edge. Plain choil easy to be sharpened.

Full-length Tang Handle

The portion of the metal blade that extends into the handle, giving the knife stability and extra weight. The metal rivets hold well-polished rosewood scales to either side of the tang to provide safe and comfortable grip.


7 inch 9 inch 8 inch 8 inch

full-length full-length full-length full-length

slicing meat, vegetable slicing meat, vegetable slicing meat, vegetable chopping bones



Biomechanical rosewood handle with exquisite finish is anti-slip and more comfortable to grip.
Making steel on our own to guarantee each knife is high quality and standard from the raw material.
Multifunctional wide blade can flap garlics and deliver food to pans.
Laser shiny surface prevents meat from sticking on the blade.

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