A Woman Experienced Anxiety, Journeyed to Her Soul Fracture in Jail, and Experienced Soul Retrieval

Zane was a beautiful, kind, and independent woman who had experienced general anxiety disorder since her twenties that manifested as financial stagnancy. Now in her forties, Zane pursued Golden DNA Activation as a method of activating her subconscious mind to bring forward the missing pieces into her conscious awareness.

Golden DNA Activation transformed her dream time and visualization gifts. She no longer dreamt in black and white. She dreamt in rich color with detailed conversations with people that were charged with feelings and intent. She could easily go into a trance state and journey to a location or space that shamans label the “Underworld.”

Zane like to travel to an oasis in the Underworld to create tranquility in order to resolve her anxious feelings. Today, she changed her intent. She wanted to know the root cause of her anxiety and to resolve her manifestation of lack and limitation. She was going to the past to discover the story.

As Zane walked a cobblestone pathway, she noticed a sign post at a metal gate, “The Past: Enter” and so she did. Suddenly, her ex-husband Eddy jumped out from a thick forest yelling, “You are not welcome here! Do not continue down this path!” His aggression caused her fear.

Zane recalled her short marriage to Eddy during her twenties. He had used abusive tactics in their marriage, such as poisoning her food so that her sickness corrupted her confidence. Eddy mixed a concoction from his chemistry set that killed the good bacteria in Zane’s body, which caused sores on her gums, tongue, and throat that created gas, diarrhea, and nausea.

Eddy was a plain man with acne scars from his teenage years who had worked as a program engineer, commuting to work in a tiny purple pickup truck that he bought for cheap at a vehicle auction. Eddy had used black magic to get Zane to marry him. He didn’t love her but he loved how she was confident. He wanted to break that energy down to waste in the form of uncertainty as it made him manic and high.

After the divorce, she had long put him out of her mind. If there was anything she learned about the marriage, it was to take action even when fear caused her the desire to flee. “I will continue,” she stated as a mantra to herself.

Zane walked towards a castle with a sign over the archway “City of Split Mind.” Inside the castle walls of the city was a kingdom of great wealth with plenty of serfs, peasants, and slaves. Zane could see Eddy in the distance sitting on a throne. He was model handsome with blond hair and Nordic features. Women were kneeling in front of him at his feet, begging him to pleasure them.

Instinctively, Zane asked Eddy a question, “What did you do with my confidence?”

“You have no rights here. This is my feudal system,” responded Eddy. The women pawed at his feet more aggressively, shifting like cockroaches as if they would surely die for lack of worship.

“I am here to regain my confidence. It does not belong to you. It never did,” said Zane.

Eddy stood up and angrily shouted, “Throw her in the dungeon,” while pointing to Zane. “She abandoned her marital contract!” The Knights of Subservience to Beelzebub and Ineptitude grabbed Zane by the arm and took her to the dungeon. Zane allowed herself to be captured as she understood that she could leave at any time.

The Knights of Subservience to Beelzebub and Ineptitude opened a heavy metal door to a jail cell in the dungeon, and pushed Zane inside the prison room. She saw a woman sitting on the floor with her head turned down looking at her feet and arms, which were chained to shackles. The woman looked up at Zane. It was Zane Past, but Zane Past did not recognize Zane Present. Zane asked her Past Self, “Do you know why you are here?”

“I am mentally ill,” Zane Past said. “I have lived on the streets all my life.”

“None of this is true,” said Zane Present. “You were once married. You left and you started a T-shirt design business.”

“Please tell me the story,” said Zane Past. “I need to know.” Even Zane Present did not know the full story as parts of the story were missing from her consciousness. She would need to share the story intuitively.

Zane Present pointed at a television screen that appeared while Zane Past and Zane Present watched as the story of Split Mind unfolded.

It was the year 1999. Eddy was attracted to a new program engineer at his company whose name was Gerta. As he leaned in to ask her to lunch, she could smell his foul breathe. Gerta was disgusted with him, which caused him to lust. The more she pushed away, the more he wanted her. His clothes were rumpled as he often slept in them to avoid dressing and showering in the morning as it seemed pointless. He had two days growth of facial hair, greasy hair, and dirt underneath his fingernails. Gerta agreed to lunch as she was not one to pass up a free meal. She had bills to pay and he seemed like the perfect inferior being to cover her expenses.

After a lunch of baby back ribs, pork ribs, and sausage links, the two jumped into his small pickup truck to seal the deal. She lay back on his bucket seat while he kneeled on the floor mat amongst the pebbles and rocks. He crawled inside the crevices of her mind to join her in holy matrimony in his kingdom of his split mind. Upon completion of the holy bridal ceremony of the highest order of lords, vassals, and fiefs, they were married. Eddy was in complete bliss, sitting next to his new queen with his pants to his knees.

Gerta snapped her fingers. “Look, I don’t do that unless I get something for it. I need $500 bucks now. Cough it up!” Eddy was shocked. His new wife was so demanding and forthright. He reached into his wallet and pulled out all his cash. “It’s only $20. That’s not enough!” said Gerta.

Eddy took out his debit card, handed it to Gerta, and said, “The pin is 1234. Use it sparingly.” Eddy knew he could trust his new wife while Gerta smiled a half smile.

Eddy drove home with great determination. It was time to expel his wife to the gallows. He had been too graceful, kind, and forgiving. No more! She needed to die. He walked through the door to find his wife standing at the doorway waiting for him.

“I never told you about my toxicology report. My doctor says the microbes in my body are a product of being poisoned by chemicals found in your chemistry set.” She had papers in her hands, which she pushed towards him. He grabbed them and read the words “Dissolution of Marriage.” She had beaten him to the punch.

How did she outwit, outlast, and outplay him? What would this mean for his feudal system? How would his new wife react to a divorce versus a beheading? Would Gerta think less of him? He really wanted to be adored. Would he need to turn to Berta, Gerta’s twin sister, as an alternative wife? Zane was simply screwing it all up. Every good woman knows the first rule about feudal systems is that you must adore your man, view his failures as accomplishments, and suffer in his behalf. A king is never a king unless he diminishes you. You must be vulnerable, ready, willing, and able to suffer while the king is celebrated for his greatness above the masses. That’s how it works!

“I took today off, hired some movers, and removed everything that matters to me, which are things that I bought with my own money. I left all your things. I won’t be asking for alimony because I make as much as you. Do not call me. I do not want to be a part of your life,” said Zane as she walked out the door.

At that moment, Eddy realized his biggest mistake. He had allowed his wife to have a job and be an equal. The lords, vassals, and fiefs had encouraged him to adopt equality in his kingdom and it clearly back fired. A wife is never allowed to walk away from a king. She must either die or live the remainder of her days in the dungeon. He shouted a loud command that echoed through his split mind, “You, Zane, have been and will forever be mentally insane!”

Eddy was frustrated, but he knew a visit from his new betrothed would please his spirits. He called Gerta on her cell phone but there was no answer. He decided he would visit her at her apartment. He knew where she lived as he had hired a private detective a few weeks earlier as a king always knows where all citizens of his kingdom reside. As he backed out of his driveway, the low gas tank alarm buzzed. He stopped at the gas station, pulled out his secondary debit card and swiped it through the reader. “Card declined,” appeared on the monitor. He swiped again, getting the same response. He wondered if it was a reader failure as he pulled out his credit card to pay for the gas, then jumped optimistically into his pickup truck to drive to the woman of his needs.

Upon arriving at the apartment, he noticed that there were more cars parked in the parking lot than normal. It seemed someone was having an evening party. Eddy knocked on Gerta’s front door. Gerta answered the door with a red solo cup full of hard liquor. He could hear laughter, music, and rancor in the background. “I didn’t invite you,” she said. “And I’m not paying you back for all the food and liquor I bought on your debit card.”

“I deserve some chicken wings,” he said to Gerta.

“You need a shower. And brush your teeth so I don’t see yesterday’s meal in your mouth!” she said while slamming the front door.

Eddy was shocked. He had always gotten his way his whole life. He was the life of the party in his kingdom. He was celebrated by women, children, lords, and vassals. Women were born to serve him! Obstinacy and denigration were outlawed in his kingdom. He could certainly use it on any person he so desired to punish, but no one else was allowed this right! He needed to get home right away to decree new and everlasting laws that enabled his rightful position as leader of the band, ruler of kingdoms, thrones, principalities, powers, and dominions in this lifetime and beyond, and his most worshipfulness of the highest order of exaltation.

“End of story” appeared on the television screen. Zane Present said, “You are not mentally insane but it has been your belief. Please, stand up and walk out with me.”

Zane Past was shocked. She was quiet but stood up, pointing with one hand to all her chains connected to the floor. Zane Present picked up one chain, pulled, and found the hook on the floor that connected the chain. “It is commanded that Eddy’s decree return to its rightful source now.” And with the command of words and intent, the lie had been reversed and the chain broke on all four connections.

Zane Past stood up, grabbed Zane Present’s hand, and the two pushed the metal door open with one shove. Both walked past the guards as they slept, ascending the stairs, walking past the throne of power that now seated Gerta with twin Berta whipping Eddy’s bare feet as he knelt on the floor.

Zane Past and Present merged as one on their journey home of Soul Retrieval. As Zane woke from her trance state, she felt ecstatic. No more condemnation. No more debasement. No more humiliation. No more anxiety or financial stagnancy. She felt strong, confident, empowered, and brave. She was truly free.

She designed new T-shirt slogans based in truth and integrity that caused people to feel happy and anxiety-free, so her website sales increased.

On the day that Eddy was fired for his bad temper and general disheveled appearance, the human resources manager gave Eddy a T-shirt created by Zane. It stated, “You are Divine. Accept it.” He didn’t know what it meant but he felt like calling Zane to make amends as Gerta and Berta didn’t work out. He needed someone to pay his rent as he moved into his purple truck since Gerta and Berta took all his savings. As he finished pressing in Zane’s phone number, he heard a recording, “This number has been disconnected.”

And this is the story of How a Woman Experienced Anxiety and Stagnancy, Journeyed to the Underworld, saw her Soul Fracture in a Medieval Dungeon, and How She Created her own Soul Retrieval.

Article Source by Deborah Bravandt

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