Body Jewelry Is a Popular Form of Self Expression

In today’s individualistic world, people are expressing themselves in many unique ways which were not as common 30 years ago. One of the most popular ways is body jewelry. Body jewelry is essentially piercings on uncommon places on the body. Through these piercings individuals may wear a variety of different accessories ranging from a sparkly stud to a point spike. A few of the now more common body piercings are:

  • Earrings: Earrings are the most common and social acceptable forms of wearing body jewelry. Individuals do not have to seek out special boutiques to pierce their ears, they simply can go to their local mall to many jewelry stores and complete the process in less than five minutes. The most common ear piercing is at the bottom of the lobe, however, as individuals look to differentiate themselves from their peers, ear piercings have crept up the side of ears. Today it is not uncommon to see piercings lining the side of an individual’s ear, or maybe on piercing at the bottom and one at the top.
  • Naval: Naval piercings have become almost as commonplace as ear piercings in the 21st century. As girls (and guys) wish to draw attention to their midsections, wearing an eye-catching piece of body jewelry around the naval has become extremely popular. Naval rings range from a simple stud to a colorful hoop to a piece that can expand out past the naval. Naval piercings are easy to hide in the workplace, allowing individuals to express themselves on the weekends and be professional during the work week.

  • Nose: Nose piercings were once thought of to be only for the rebellious teens of the 1980’s, they are however, becoming more acceptable depending on the type and the placement. Body jewelry is such as a small stud on the side of an individual’s nose are now more acceptable in the workplace and therefore gaining popularity.

  • Eyebrow: The eyebrow piercing is popular among those in their late teens and early twenties. Barbells and hoops are common pieces to wear in this piercing.

  • Tongue: Tongue piercings are another way to wear body jewelry that has gain popularity due to the ease in which you can hide the piercing. Tongue piercings are an inconvenience initially due to tongue swelling which makes eating solids difficult. Tongue piercings can also damage the enamel on teeth.

Body jewelry is a popular way to express one’s self in a non-permanent matter. Many piercings are easily coverable, allowing a person to express themselves outside of the workplace while remaining professional during business hours.

Article Source by Jade Greene

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