How to Apply Make Up – Questions and Answer Session

How should someone who wears glasses do their make-up?

Define the bottom of the eyes. Use a cream pencil along the eyelashes and then apply layers of mascara. Lash Power by Clinique is a good one to try. It stays on all day without flaking or running. Define your eyebrows – this will open your whole eye area. Use black, not brown, mascara. Don’t be afraid of darker colours!

How can I find the perfect foundation for my skin colour?

Go to a make-up counter like Selfridges or Fenwick’s. The Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier assistants are fabulous at helping you to find the right shades for your skin. Try out a few, go away and see how you feel about them when you get home.

How should you apply make up to ageing skin?

Use a good moisturiser. Apply a foundation that is light in texture and has a sheen, rather than a matte, heavy one. Young people don’t cake their skin in make-up, so lighter, illuminated skin is more youthful. Use a cream blusher and try to recreate the flushed look of youth. Use a cream eyeshadow, like the Shu Uemura or Estee Lauder versions. Blend it upwards from the lash line towards the brow. Be brave and use more than one colour. Finish the look off with a pinky lipstick or lipgloss. Adding that extra colour will lift your face and make your features stand out.

How can I make my toenail vanish last longer?

Use a base coat, two coats of nail vanish and a topcoat. Jessica, Revlon and Chanel do good colours that will last without too much chipping.

How can I stop my eyeliner smudging on to my eyelid?

This happens when the oils in the eyeliner interact with the skin. The best way to stop it happening is to apply foundation and powder to the eyelid first. If you don’t want to do that, use an eye canvas. Clinique do the best version. Use a pencil eyeliner first and then layer it up with powder eyeshadows. Alternatively, use a gel or liquid eyeliner, as these are less likely to smudge.

How can I make lipgloss last?

You can’t! The reality is, they aren’t made to last – they are moisturisers. We should stop wanting them to last and just embrace their sexiness.

I’m going grey. Should I adjust my make-up? Yes, going grey is such an exciting time. All the colour you lose from your hair, you can add to your face with bright violets, pinks and lilacs.

How can I achieve a glam evening style without looking caked?

Use a bronzer rather than foundation on your face. Then apply black, slate or brown eyeshadows to create a smoky eye. Stay away from heavy base and rich lipsticks.

Article Source by Penny Day

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