Horse Racing: What Do You Need In Racing To Make Money?

What do you need in racing to make money? A PHD? No. You need specific knowledge that will give you an edge. Most players want an answer that’s already wrapped as a christmas present. Then take it to the track and make bucks without end. The answers exists but not in the form that most players think. There are different skill levels in racing and some players are much better than others in handicapping and profitcapping. In handicapping: for each field size there’s a different method(s) that works best. These method(s) are to be strengthened with a detailed study of each horse that might be chosen or potential selected.

What do you need in racing to make money? A master’s degree from an accredited university? No. You need to understand and practice, practice, practice advanced profitcapping and advanced handicapping in detail. This will step your game up ten fold. Advanced handicapping will alert you on how to find the most powerful handicap method(s) for each field size, each wager type and each In The Money Position or ITM (win, place, show, fourth and fifth positions). Advanced profitcapping will show you how many horses to put into each ITM position. Because when ever you play the game you must have two or more horses in each ITM position you play.

What do you need in racing to make money? A good tip sheet? No. (1) It’s to see that the more horses on your ticket in each ITM position the greater your chances of winning. Even at random. This is profitcapping. (2) The more refined you select each horse in more detailed study by intense handicapping then the greater your chances of winning. In all of the 135 videos that the author of this article has made and put on you tube on horse racing then that information, experience and proven knowledge can give any and every single player an ultimate edge.

What do you need to make money in racing? Discipline and to understand basic statistics. To see that the ultimate edge is a statistical edge. Once the player grasps that certain answers in racing have flexibility and other answers are the same today as it was 100 years ago then the player has a chance. But DISCIPLINE comes above all things. Without it you’re not going anywhere. And the use statistics because profitcapping (predicting money outcome) and handicapping (predicting race outcome) is statistically oriented. You need both. Profit comes when the player has – the right knowledge and practice of that right knowledge with discipline. This is what you need in racing to make money.

Source by Jessie R Johnson

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