Writing Articles – 4 Methods to Generate Traffic

There are two main reasons for generating articles. The most popular reason is to generate direct traffic to your website.

To create articles you need to come up with a compelling title, write some good content and include a hard-to-resist free offer. When your readers see this offer they click onto your website and there’s your traffic.

If you want to develop a strong business over the internet you should seriously consider writing articles. If you can create quality traffic, you more than likely will succeed in selling your products and developing relationships with your customers. Writing articles is one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods of doing so.

There are four different methods you can use to generate traffic:

#1 – Submit your articles to multiple article directories where your article will be read by members of the directories and by surfers searching the net.

#2 – When other website owners download and publish your articles on their site because they are interested in your content. Your content will then be read by the website owners membership list.

#3 – When publishers who own e-zines download your articles for content within their newsletters.

#4 – And finally, when you have generated and created plenty of back links and the search engines notice your high volume of links to your website, they will increase your website ranking.

If you use all four methods to increase your traffic, you will experience the very highest forms of traffic in terms of quantity and quality.

You see, those are the four main reasons why anyone, any surfer will happen across your article. And when they read your article, they will either like or dislike your style of writing. If they like your style of writing, read to the end of the article and click on to your website, it is more than likely you would have generated a new subscriber. Don’t get me wrong. There are other forms of creating traffic, but for me, the others come second.

Other methods such as pay-per-click advertising, classified ads advertising or if you purchase your traffic from expired domains or obtain your traffic from exit traffic, pop-ups, pop-unders or any form of traffic that you have to pay for in advance, these are far less superior to article marketing.

The other additional benefit is that if you learn the nuances of writing and submitting articles, you will be using one of the best forms of marketing over the Internet that will generate quality, loyal and sound traffic.

Source by Janet Simpson

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