Good Ole Recipes Never Die

A fried pie is a old southern delicacy. Mothers and grandmothers alike would take the left over biscuit dough from breakfast and would roll it very thin into a circle. Fill it with cooked fruit filling, fold it over into a half moon shape, crimp it with a fork and then fry it until it was golden brown. The men and the children would open their lunch pails and find these wonderful desserts in there. The ones of us that got to eat this wonderful labor of love has memories that last a life time. I don’t remember finding them in a lunch bucket, but I do remember getting home from school and there would be a platter full of fried pies waiting on us, and they were so good. My favorite was sugar and butter.

When I talk about a fried pie, I don’t mean the commercial fried pie that we see at the grocery store or at all the Qmarts. I am talking about a fried pie that has a sweet, flaky crust and is full of real filling. I know this is almost a skill of the past. Just how to make these delicious treats had to be handed down through the generations. I guess it is an art just like making soap, canning our own food and making moonshine. Many of our younger generation will not have the pleasure of trying this piece of the past, unless they discover one of the companies out there that makes the real thing. There are a few places that still make it just like” Mama used to.”

The most popular flavors for fried pies are Peach, Apple, Cherry, Apricot, and Chocolate. Sometimes you can find coconut and lemon. There is one company that even makes Strawberry and Pecan. You actually could make a fried pie out of any fruit, cream or meat filling that your heart desires.

A fried pie is not a simple recipe to master. The crust is very delicate. It must be thin enough to be flaky and tough enough to be handled. If this is done right, it is one of the most unique, delicious desserts that you can sit on your table, especially when a scoop of ice cream is added to the top.

The Fried Pie is known more in the South because that is where it originated; but everyone that tries it, falls in love with this spectacular sweet treat. Although a fried pie ,when it started, was just a way to utilize any left over biscuit dough. Thru the years it has evolved into a delicious, delicate, dessert that can bring back precious memories and delight the palates of both young and the young at heart

Article Source by Diane Flippen

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