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Whether you are looking for some new recipes or having some question concerning cooking or food, the Internet is the right place. There are an uncountable number of websites related to cooking, food and recipes. You find general cooking or recipes websites, you can also find websites specialized in a specific type of food or ingredient, and you still find the cooking forums.

To find these websites is very easy – you just have to do a search at Google, Yahoo, MSN or another search engine that you prefer. By typing in, for instance, ‘Italian recipes’ you will get a countless number of websites that provide Italian recipes. Not to forget that you can search for a specific type of cuisine (‘Chinese’, ‘German’, ‘American’, etc.) as well as for a specific ingredient (‘chicken recipes’, ‘lobster recipes’, ‘rosemary recipes’, etc.) or cooking method (for instance, ‘grilling recipes’). You can see on the right side or on the bottom of the search engine page related terms that you can search for when you type in a more generic term, like ‘shrimp recipes’. Another tip is to use quotation marks (” “) if you want to find a precise recipe or information (example: “Brazilian Coconut Shrimp”). Well, once you get the search results you just have to browse and look for the website that provides the recipes or information that you are looking for. And once you find a website that you like very much, don´t forget to bookmark it so you can always go back to it.

Another option is a directory, where you can browse through categories to find cooking and recipe websites. Usually recipes and food related websites can be found under the category Home Cooking – where you usually will find many sub-categories. The best known directory is the

Then we have the cooking forums. Cooking forum is a great place to get help with cooking or recipe questions, to discuss cooking methods and techniques, and to exchange food information, recipes, tips, and advice. The great advantage of forums is that they are made by real people with real experiences, interest, doubts, and feelings. You may check the forum Another tip is the food site – there you can create your own food page and organize your recipes, and of course discover new recipes and get in contact with many food and cooking lovers.

Well, as you can see the Internet is a wonderful resource to get recipes, food and cooking information. And the best of all is that it is for free – and if it is not, just search further that you will surely find information for free.

Article Source by Isabel Da Silva

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