Must See in Marakesh

Djemma El Fna

A place that effortlessly involves you and makes you come back for more; Djemma El Fna was declared as a “Masterpiece of Heritage” by the UNESCO in 2001 for bringing history and bygone legends and stories to life. Djemma carnivals still continue to dazzle outsiders with various acts of acrobatics, musical performers, comedy nights and drama at the corner of every street. Keep an eye on pickpockets and whizzing cars and motorcycles around the perimeter of the plaza.

Ben Youssef Medersa

As you glide in through the grand entrance of the Ben Youssef Medersa an inscription above reads ‘ You who enter my door, may your highest hopes be exceeded.’ The charm of this quranic college, founded in the early years of the 14th century, with its subtle and sensitive stucco work and mosaics, do indeed exceed your highest hopes and imagination. Find your peaceful break here from the turmoil and immerse yourself in the magnificent art of Saadian architecture.

Majorelle Gardens

The garden made in the early 1920s by the French painter Jacques Majorelle is truly composed of colours and sights similar to that of a painting. A dark shade of ‘Majorelle Blue’ brings up the essence of the soil and the climate. Channels, Lilly filled ponds and fountains add to the beauty of the masterpiece. The Majorelle Gardens is a great place to recoup from the high intensity of the market atmosphere in Marrakesh.

Maison de la Photographie

A rich photography museum where each picture speaks a thousand words. Reaching the museum may require a little bit of hunting as its location is slightly hidden but all of it is worth the trouble. The museum showcases 4500 photographs, 2000 glass negatives and 80 documents spanning across a whole century’s work by two photographers-Patrick Menach and Marrakshi Hamid Mergani. Upon realizing the collections they had created individually, the two vintage photographers decided to open this museum to showcase their original and exquisite content.

Souk Cuisine

Souk Cuisine provides a perfect cooking program for all the hungry travellers out there, giving them a peek into the amazing Morrocon culture. It offers a class that includes everything that is required to prepare your very own mid-day meal through a well-organised set of recipes from filling up your bag with vegetables and spices to cooking a lip-smacking meal.

The city of Marrakesh is a subtle mix of the old and the new. Unchanged since the middle ages, Marrakesh can be at times confusing and intimidating because of its hidden mysterious medina, palaces, mansions and bazaars. But hold your breath, keep your mind open and take in the experience of the unfamiliar.

Article Source: by Elizabeth Shtukert

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