How Gold is Used in Homeopathy

Gold is a highly popular precious metal that people rely on when thinking about sound investment. The value of gold can be understood just by looking at its history. It has served as both a medium of exchange as well as a sort of unofficial currency in the annals of history, and time.

Apart from its undisputed use in the making of attractive jewellery, gold has other many commercial uses. It is a good conductor of electricity, and can be spun into fine gold threads used in elaborate motifs. It is also highly malleable, and ductile, and can be shaped accordingly. An added quality of gold is its use in the medicinal industry, especially homeopathy. It is rumoured that gold had excellent healing properties, and homeopathy makes use of them.

Internet has made popular the use of gold in homeopathy to treat depression, and the like. For those who are actually suffering from any psychological problems, and issues, they should consult their regular doctor before trying out any new therapies.

The use of Gold in homeopathic is usually employed as monatomic gold, a non-metallic, and non-toxic form of gold. It naturally occurs in volcanic soils, seawater, and some fruits, and vegetables; however, it can be prepared artificially from 24-carat gold as well. It is dissimilar from the kind of gold utilised in modern Western allopathic medicine; these are essentially gold salts, and colloidal gold.

Monatomic gold is also used in many other treatments apart from treating patients suffering from psychological issues. It is used to treat the pituitary gland of the patients that gives rise to hormonal problems.

The Aurum Metallicum medicinal form of gold is employed in medicinal purposes such as relieving stress patients as well as helping patients suffering from depression, and psychological problems. People who have depressive, suicidal thoughts, and suffer from low esteem, can be treated with this form of gold.

It is also believed that homeopathic gold can be used to help patients suffering from heart problems. It is thought that homeopathic gold can go a long way in strengthening the condition of weak hearts, and make them more durable, and strong against any future attacks. Another belief is that gold is beneficial in toughening up, or immune system. A strong immune system makes it possible for the body to recuperate easily, and fight against any external onslaught of viral diseases. Increased production of red blood cells is essential in letting the body produce more bone marrow. It is believed that gold is helpful in treating infertility in humans as well. Whenever you buy gold, buy a raw gold for future investment.

Homeopathic gold is considered better for treatment purposes than allopathic means of treating diseases, and psychological problems. If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, you should do extensive research to see if you were looking for that. If, you decide that you want to try it for yourself, seek the advice, and help of a professional and practicing doctor who is well versed in the ways of homeopathic treatments.

Source by Jack Wogan

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