Do All Home-Based Businesses Have to Cost Money?

Could you become an e-entrepreneur?

It’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself if you are to succeeded. I believe that unless you are the type of person that needs to be outside in your occupation most people are more than capable of working and thriving within a home environment. After all for most of us it’s our major comfort zone area. And working from home today invariably means being online. No matter what you want to do online, sell home made products, create a digital solution, become an affiliate marketer or join an established promotion scheme, it costs money, or does it?

Lets take a look at the elements that make for a typical website promotion. You need to have a clear vision of what you want to sell or promote. Some people do have that clear and unwavering vision of where they are going. It’s great if you can have that, but it’s not always the case. Some people are just looking for a direction.

What elements make up a website? A domain name, one that if possible reflects the content of the website. For example a horse racing system of my own ‘Avon Handicap System’ is reflected in the domain name. Can you guess what it is? This allows the search engines to connect both the title and content. The cost of hosting a website has to be taken into consideration. Many hosting companies now will host on a monthly basis. Or using a free website may be an option if you are starting out. Or you could start by using WordPress or Blogger both of whom having ready made templates.

Make sure your site is searched by submitting them to the search engines directly, only use submissions services, free or paid for the lesser known search engines. It can take several weeks for a search engine to come to your site unless it finds your domain within another site while performing a regular search. You could submit an article to an article directory and include your domain name in the author’s bio section, this will invite the search engines to come and take a look at your site. And this is just the start.

Then there’s website design to consider.

How your product or service may be delivered.

Creating backlinks from other sites to your own.

Creating and maintaining a list of referrals or potential customers.

How do you promote your site, banner exchanges, traffic promoters etc.


How much time can you actually spend per week on promotion?

The list is seemingly endless. Especially if you are new the internet marketing and promotion another option to consider is the next generation all-in-one solution companies such as Better Web Builder. They must include the option of joining for free. The use of various marketing tools at no cost. Ready made websites that can be used immediately. Free advise and support from veterans in the online marketing field. Paid commission for signing new members even if you are a free member. The ability to channel those leads that you procure into other schemes or websites. Undoubtedly Better Web Builder are among the leaders in this new and opportune business area although surely others will follow.

So there is much to consider in this new and exciting era.

Remember the old saying ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ but even little acorns need a helping hand.

Source by Gerard Bulger

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