Micro Scalextric – Is There an Alternative?

With Christmas on the horizon and you start thinking about gifts, Micro Scalextric is a very popular gift for young children aged 4-7. Scalextric have recently expanded their range of sets available and has collaborated with Disney to produce releases such as Toy Story and Disney Cars sets. These have proved massively popular over the festive period with stocks selling out way before Christmas last year.

Scalextric does lag behind Carrera with the selection of track and accessories that it has available, Carrera are also set to release a digital version of the Carrera Go that is licensed to Nintendo. This set will allow up to three people race on two lanes and clever overtaking pieces of track allow you to race and change lane. Digital racing has been a revelation in the 1:32 scale slot cars over the past few years and with its introduction to the smaller scale will help the slot car set last a few more years while your kids or big kids are growing up.

Micro Scalextric is based on 1:64 scale, where as Carrera Go is 1:43. when space is at a premium you should not have any problems finding room for a Micro Scalextric layout. The Carrera Go tracks can be quite large and you do need a fair amount of space for some of the larger box sets. It may be worth double checking the set area needed to see if you have enough room available.

Over the past 9 months there has been a distinct shortage of additional Scalextric track for people looking to expand their existing tracks, plus there are not a massive amount of spare cars available for Micro layouts. Carrera have many different track pieces and all have something different to offer. Carrera Go cars are fantastically well finished car, due to the bigger scale they are able to add far more detail to the car. Also there is a wide selection of cars that can be ordered, ranging from Mario and his Buddies, Rally, GT cars and also road cars. Spares are nearly nonexistent in the UK for Carrera Go cars, where as there is an abundance of Micro Scalextric spares available from all specialist retailers. We are sure you understand that cars will get damaged from time to time with such young operators at the wheel.

Between the two ranges their prices do not vary by much on a like for like basis, with cars retailing around the £10 mark and track packs of 2 items starting from about £5. This leaves you with the final question, which set is going to suit you or your childrens needs? We do encourage buyers to have a very good look at Carrera Go sets and we feel the quality of the items is better than the household name of Scalextric.

Article Source: by Lee Catherine

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