New Energy Efficient Window Tinting Laws

Q. Why do I need an Energy Rated Film?

The Australian Government has been working on legislation that will reward people for becoming more energy efficient within their homes and offices or commercial situations.

In Brisbane and the Gold Coast the window energy rating scheme applying to window tinting has changed the system of gauging window films efficiency from heat reduction and Glare reduction in percentages to a star rating.

All window films that have been given a star rating are listed in the International Glazing Data Base and have been officially tested mainly in Melbourne by one of Australia’s most respected testing facilities.

These results have been submitted and can now be seen when you are receiving a window tinting quote much the same as buying a fridge or washing machine.

The movement for this scheme came into effect in Nov 2010 (Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010), and will be applied in 2012

The up side to having a rated window tint applied to your house in Brisbane and the Gold Coast is that when it comes time to sell your asset will be worth much more to potential investors.

How does window tinting reduce our energy consumption and waste? Simply by reducing your heating and air conditioning usage. By using our heating and air conditioning units less, we will consume less energy, saving money on utilities. Window film technology rejects heat coming from solar energy directed at your home or business in summer time conditions, thus reducing air conditioner usage and utility costs. In winter time conditions, heat is retained inside by the barrier that window film provides on our windows, reducing heating usage and costs.

Why is Energy efficiency worth such consideration?

Resources within the world are becoming considerably less and it is inevitable that major global and climatic change will be needed to sustain the environment. One way to lower emissions into the atmosphere is to apply window films. They reduce demands from air conditioners and therefore also reduce electricity bills. They significantly reduce the solar heat build up within homes and commercial premises. Overall leaving you more comfortable and saving you money.

How Window tinting protects everybody from UV rays and Infra Red spectrum.

Whilst also saving the environment, window tinting will protect your home or commercial situation from harmful UV rays. Some films now have been designed to stop UV rays and Infra red rays whilst still letting in the higher end of the light spectrum. These are called spectrally selective films and an example of this is the huge great glass wall at Singapore airport. Window tinting was not used in this case however the same technology was applied to a layer of fill between two sheets of glass. This way people have less of the heat spectrum, absolutely no UV rays and the building is more energy efficient without feeling closed in.

Overall we can see that with the advanced technology in window films today the government in hot climates such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast has acknowledged this and decided to reward people for choosing quality films that have been rated under the Window energy rating scheme. You will find at present that these films are mainly only made in the United States.

Article Source: by Antonio Amico

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