5 Facts About Elves

Elves are very popular mythical creatures. Unlike trolls and ogres, they are generally depicted as friendly and helpful creatures. Every child for example knows about Christmas Elves, who help Santa Claus by making toys. There are actually many types of them, and here are some interesting facts.

1) Elves originally come from Norse mythology, just like Trolls. They were thought to be divine or semidivine beings with magical powers. They were separated into good or light elves and dark or bad elves. They also exist in more modern mythologies, like Germanic, Icelandic, and Scandinavian.
2) In more recent folklore, they have been associated with Fairies and have a prepubescent look with no facial hair on males, and living under rocks and in hills and wells. They have a small stature and are young seemingly forever. They like to play, might be mischievous at times, but are essentially non malevolent.
3) In the US, Christmas Elves are associated with Santa and act as his helpers, or sometimes hired hands. They live in the North Pole, wear red and green outfits, and make toys. They have long pointy noses, hats, and ears. Almost all movies and animated shows about Santa and Christmas feature them as well.
4) Fantasy Elves came about in works such as The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. They have also been popularized by the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. They are very smart and attractive, but not physically strong.
5) Christmas Elves are not referred to as elfish, as opposed to elven or elfin, and remain extremely popular today as evidenced by numerous appearances in advertisements such as for Keebler Cookies and movies.

Article Source: by Harold Baldwin

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