20 Best Meal Delivery Services and Kits of 2024

Revive Superfoods prides itself on its nutrient-dense smoothies, but has other offerings as well. In addition to creamy smoothies, it also has oatmeal, dairy-free desserts, soups, burrito bowls, açaí bowls, falafels, and more. Revive’s lineup is primarily breakfast- and lunch-focused, but does have choices for every meal of the day.

The smoothies, which are the real focus of this meal delivery kit, are rounded out with filling ingredients like seeds and pea protein and in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Revive also has a wide selection of oatmeal, like its best-selling banana and chocolate overnight oats. It’s sweetened with maple syrup and dates, and in addition to banana and chocolate, it’s got coconut, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla—and the aforementioned chia seeds and pea protein. To prepare the oats you just have to add your liquid of choice and allow the cup to soak overnight. It can also be heated in the microwave if you want something faster same-day.

Revive’s hot meals are just as easy to prepare. They all come precooked, and need to be heated for 4–5 minutes in the microwave.


  • There is good variety, even in the standard, pre-set pack.
  • Not just the oatmeal, but also the smoothies were quite filling. We thought the smoothies could stand up as a full breakfast on their own.
  • The precut ingredients in the cups were very convenient to blend up, and the fact that the cups are designed to be reused as the drinking vessels with a straw-ready lid is a nice touch.


  • The instructions for the smoothies suggest filling the cups, with the frozen fruit and veggies still in them, with a liquid of your choice (we used dairy milk and oat milk), and then pop all that in a blender. We found that wasn’t enough liquid to blend effectively and most required an extra half cup of liquid.

Revive Superfoods is best for: People who are too busy for breakfast (but should really be eating it).

Pricing: Items start at $6.49.

On the Menu:

  • Strawberry and chocolate smoothie with sweet notes of coconut and banana
  • Sweet and creamy chocolate milkshake with notes of coffee and banana
  • Iced sweet cappuccino swirled with notes of banana and cacao
  • Açai forward smoothie refresher with notes of cherry and raspberry

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Cee Gei
Author: Cee Gei

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