10 Ways to Look Younger Now

Ladies: follow these 10 tips to enhance your appearance today.

1. Shape your brows.

Groomed eyebrows can literally change the entire look of your face; the importance cannot be stressed more. Good cosmetic surgeons recommend a brow re-shaping after procedures; the results make their surgeries look even better. Doesn’t it make sense to just get your brows shaped now? It is worth the expense to have your brows shaped by a professional.

If that is not possible, there are visual charts online that help you know how to groom. Department stores also have brow kits for you to shape your brows on your own. Just be sure you know what you are doing before you start plucking. The most important tip: Do NOT over-pluck! Paper-thin brow are aging.

2. Avoid shimmer eyeshadow

Creases and wrinkles that look minimal are accentuated with a shimmered shadow. Stick with matte eye shadows that are not in neon bright colors.

3. Healthy thick eyelashes look youthful

It is a good idea to curl them first for a more open looking eye.. A less-harsh brown mascara may look better than black. There are mascaras that have a “pre-coat” of a clear or white base that helps enhance the mascara.

4. Avoid eyeliner on lower lids

On most older women it is aging and creates an under eye shadowed look.

5. With foundation, less is more.

Mineral makeup is a great alternative and can give good coverage with a light touch.

6. Use concealer

At inner corners of eyes and around nostrils, which are common shadow creators.

7. Instant eye-brightener:

Pink pencil liner at inner corners of eyes, on inner lower lids, at top lip line (blend carefully), and a touch at the corners of the mouth.

8. Place blush a little higher on the cheek

With lighter skin, a pink blush is youthful looking. another trick is to use blush in an “S” shape, starting from under the outer corner of the eye, toward the nose,then down and away from the mouth. Just be sure it is subtle and looks good in daylight.

9. With hair color, don’t be “too”:

Platinum blond, brassy red, or charcoal black. By the way, there is no rule that says hair has to be cut short at a certain age; often, the condition of your hair will let you know, or you will find other hairstyles more flattering. The point is, don’t hang onto the same hairstyle for far too long. If you are wearing different clothes than you did ten years ago, re-think your hair as well.

10. Take care of yourself

Exercise strengthens your heart, brightens your skin, and it is a fact that exercise beats depression. Good choices in diet, not smoking, alcohol in moderation, and sunscreen should be a given.

Show you take care of yourself, care about yourself, then throw your head back and laugh…there are a lot of us aging right along with you!

Article Source by Nika Blue

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